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Third Argument: Reviewing Doubts of some Sunni Exegetes and scholars about the Verse of Proclamation and Shia Responses

ghadir khum
Revelation of the Verse in Bani Anmar Battle

Ibn Abi Hatam, quoting Jabir ibn Abdullah Ansari says: “In the battle of Bani Anmar, the Prophet (PBUH) of Islam sat beside a water well. A man named Vareth or Ghoreth ibn Hareth from Bani Najjar tribe planned to kill the Prophet (PBUH). Approaching him, the man said: Give me your sword. I want to smell it. The Prophet (PBUH) gave his sword to him, but the sword slipped through his hands and fell on the ground. The Prophet (PBUH) said: God made an obstacle between you and whatever you wanted to do. Then this verse was sent to the Prophet (PBUH): “O, Messenger, announce …”‌[1]

Shia response:

First, quoting this hadith, Ibn Kathir in the end says that Jabir’s hadith with all these stories and evidences seems to be strange and weak.[2]

Second, this story has been wrongly narrated, since Abu Hauraireh narrates it otherwise.[3] Difference in narration of a single story makes narration baseless.

Third, this story is quite irrelevant to the verse, because in that verse the guarantee to protect the Prophet (PBUH) is because of the threats that may come because of the proclamation of God’s order not anything else.

Fourth, the conspiracy to kill the Prophet (PBUH) was not something new. There were many instances of attempts to kill the Prophet (PBUH) so the verse shall have to be revealed in early years after the prophetic mission not in the final days.

Fifth, this story is in contrast with all traditions narrated by the Shia and Sunni narrators because the Prophet (PBUH) was worried about the announcement of the order God had sent.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi


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