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  • 11/6/2005

To Tell the Truth

Lori looked glum as she came in the door. "Problems, honey?" asked Mom.

"Oh, I just get tired of Marie bossing me around!" complained Lori. "Sometimes I wish I'd never tried to make friends with her!"

"Well," said Mother, "I remember you said you were going to be friendly to her because she was new in school and you knew God would want you to do that. She seemed very pleased to be here the day you asked her over after school."

Lori scowled. "Yeah, and that's when she decided to become 'Director of the Playground.' She's been bossing everybody ever since," complained Lori. "The girls tried to be nice and play her games, but they're really getting fed up with her. Most of them won't even play with her anymore."

"But you still play with her?" asked Mother.

"I did." Lori sighed. "But when she complained today about the other girls playing silly games instead of her games, I said I kind of felt like joining them. She got mad and told me I wasn't much of a friend. I guess I wasn't very nice about it. I wanted to help her, but all I could think of was telling her how horrible she was, so I didn't say anything more."

"Hmmmm," murmured Mom. "Well, the Bible does say to tell the truth."

"You mean I should go ahead and tell her she's mean and selfish?" gasped Lori.

Mom smiled. "Not exactly," she said, "but go look up Ephesians 4:15."

Lori found the verse in her Bible. "But speaking the truth in love. . . ." she read slowly. "Oh, I see! We have to love the person we're telling the truth to." She paused, and Mom nodded as Lori continued, "I can try to explain to Marie why she's losing all her friends. I can help her realize that everyone wants a turn at deciding what to do. But I have to show love when I do it . . . not be grouchy like I was today."

"I think you have the idea. It still won't be easy, but Dad and I will be praying for you," promised Mom.

HOW ABOUT YOU? Do you know someone who needs to be told the truth about himself? Can you tell him "in love"? Read First Corinthians 13 again to see what love is all about. Also, pray about the problem. Then if you're sure the Lord wants you to point out a fault to some person, do it lovingly. Be careful that you don't do it in a critical spirit, but rather to be helpful.

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