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Romanian proverbs (4)

Mai bine un mãgar care te poartã decât un cal care te trânteste.

Means: Better ride on an ass that carries me than a horse that throws me.

Moartea unora este viata altora.

Means: One man's breathe another's death.One man's loss is another man's gain.

Flãmândului si o bucatã de mãmãligã rece i se pare plãcintã.

Means:The cat is hungry when a crust contents her.
Hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings.

De morti nu trebuie sã vorbesti decât de bine.

Means: Say nothing of the dead but what is good.
Never speak ill of the dead / Speak well of the dead.

Mai bine sã te pizmuiascã cineva decât sã te plângã.

Means: Better be envied than pitied.

Unde-i dragoste putinã, lesne-i a gãsi pricinã.

Means: Faults are thick where love is thin.

Cine aleargã dupã doi iepuri nu prinde niciunul.

Means: If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.
Dogs that put up many hares kill none.

Îi dai un ort si-ti ia un cot.

Means: Give him an inch, and he'll take an ell.
Give a clown your finger, and he will take your hand.

Nu judecati ceva înainte de vreme.

Means: Judge nothing before the time.
Cel ce îsi înmulteste stiinta îsi sporeste suferinta.
He that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.
Much science, much sorrow.

Porumbii nu zboarã fripti în gurã.

Means: To think that larks will fall into one's mouth ready roasted.
He thinks that roasted larks will fall into his mouth.You may gape long enough ere a bird fall in your mouth / If the sky falls we shall catch larks.

Capra roade unde o legi.


The goat must browse where she is tied.

Blândul mosteneste pãmântul.

Means: The meek will inherit the earth.

Nevoia schimbã legea.
Necessity has no law.

Unul ca nici unul.

Means: One and none is all one.
One is no number.Când n-ai, cãmila de un ban e scumpã.


A penny at a pinch is worth a pound.

Nu e trandafir fãrã spini.

Means: No rose without a thorn.
Frumos sã privesti furtuna pe mare, dar cam de departe.
Praise the sea, but keep on land.
Praise the hill, but keep below.

Când înveti pe altul, tu atunci mai mult înveti.

Means: Teaching others teacheth yourself.
One learns in teaching.

Vocea poporului, vocea cerului.

Means:The voice of the people, the voice of God.
Cine seamãnã vânt culege furtunã.
They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.

Toate sunt trecãtoare ca ziua de ieri.

Means: Yesterday will not be called again.

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