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Some Natural Tips to Cure Hives


Hives, also known as urticaria, nettle rash or welts is a skin rash that is characterized by pale red itchy bumps that are raised. It is generally caused due to allergic reasons and may cause a burning sensation or a stinging sensation. These rashes can be limited to a certain part of the body or can spread across many areas of the body.

Hives are very common and generally subside in a few days. But if it persists then you may have to take medication or even a shot.

Causes of hives

· Hives is often caused when high levels of histamine or other chemical messengers are released in the skin and this is caused by some triggers.

· When this happens, the blood vessels that are present in the affected area will open up and that causes the skin to look reddish or pinkish.

· Some of the known causes of hives are allergic reactions, sunlight exposure, medications, pollen, emotional stress, infections, excessive perspiration and certain foods like fish, nuts, milk, eggs, tomatoes, chocolate, etc.

· There are different types of hives that are reported and they are acute urticaria, Chronic urticaria and angioedema, physical urticaria and dermatographism.

Causes of hives can be broadly classified into three groups

· Immunological - Hives that are caused due to changes in the immune system

· Non-immunological - Hives that are caused due to exposure to certain substances

· Idiopathic Hives - Hives that are caused due to unknown reasons

Symptoms of hives

· The symptoms of hives are visible and it includes raised, reddish or whitish welts that are itchy and of varying sizes on the skin.

· Other symptoms include swelling around the eyes and lips that occurs in the deep layers of the skin.

· In some cases the swelling is seen on the hands and feet and in very rare cases swelling occurs inside the throat, genitals or on the mucous membranes.

What are some ways you can cure hives?

Depending on the actual cause of a person’s condition for hives would differ greatly in the actual solution, this being because hives are normally caused by something else, so to eliminate the hives you have to start with eliminating the cause for hives. The following are common causes of hives and how to get rid of them:

Stress and Anxiety

Some people experience chronic hives from being under continuous stress, stress can cause different reactions in the bodies’ chemistry, sometimes this reaction would be for the body to feel as though it is under attack therefore you develop hives from your body defending your body from things which your body needs. The best way to cure chronic stress-induced hives would be to work on settling your stress as much as possible. Give yourself some relaxing time to get a grip on the things which make you feel overwhelmed. If you feel as though your stress is out of your control you should consult a doctor and possibly try some anti-anxiety medications.

Diet and Nutrition

Some foods can also be common causes for hives. The best way to find out if something you are eating is the target cause for your hives is to keep steady records of everything you eat every day. Every time your hives return check your list and find the common foods which you eat right before the hives occur. Once you find this food stop eating it and see if the hives continue.

Natural home remedies for hives

· Unless you have hives that are triggered by cold (which is rare) take a cool bath or apply a cold compress. Cold shrinks the blood vessels and blocks further release of histamine.

· Green tea seems to have antihistamine properties to it, which will help reduce the swelling of hives. Not only that, but while you are having a cup of tea, you are lowering your stress levels, which in turn can lower the histamine levels in your bloodstream. This means that you are less likely to suffer from further outbreaks.

· Mix 1 teaspoon of any kind of vinegar with 1 tablespoon of lukewarm water and apply the mixture to your hives with a cotton ball or tissue to soothe the itching.

· An old Chinese folk remedy for hives calls for boiling one-quarter cup brown sugar and one tablespoon fresh ginger in three-quarters cup vinegar for several minutes. Mix a little of this with warm water and apply several times per day.

· Make a paste out of baking soda and water and apply them to the hives to reduce itching.

· Steep one tablespoon of oatmeal in a cup of water for half an hour and apply this paste over affected area.






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