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Natural Ways to Get Rid of kidney stones without Surgery

home remedies for kidney stones

The kidneys are the most valuable and important parts of the human body. When the kidneys get affected by any disease it means you’re in a great crisis. The kidneys may fall into many diseases, kidney stones are among them.

Kidney stones are a very common health problem. They form the chemicals in urine, such as uric acid, phosphorous, calcium and oxalic acid. Other common causes of kidney stones are excessive consumption of vitamin D, a mineral imbalance, dehydration, gout and an improper diet.

Irrespective of the size of the kidney stones, they can cause severe pain. Other symptoms include a desire to urinate frequently, painful urination, nausea, vomiting and excessive sweating.

A majority of cases can be treated successfully with the help of natural ingredients. These natural treatments are safe, effective and do not have any side effects. Many of them also will help prevent stones from developing in the future.

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

 Drink plenty of water

Drink water at least two liters of water every day. Two liters of water may seem a lot, but drinking plenty of water to remove kidney stones is the best natural way. Water out of the body, including kidney stones, will dissolve toxins.


Watermelon is a great way to treat kidney stones composed of calcium and magnesium phosphates and carbonates. The potassium present in watermelon is an essential ingredient for healthy kidneys. It helps regulate and maintain the acid level in urine.

Along with potassium, watermelon also contains a high concentration of water, which helps in flushing out stones from the kidneys. Eating watermelon regularly can help greatly in the treatment as well as prevention of kidney stones. You can have watermelon seed tea as well.

Olive oil + lemon juice

 With the same ratio, add olive oil and lemon juice and drink regularly. This herb is widely used around the world and within 24 hours can help reduce kidney stone complaint. Additional suggestions drink this potion right before bed at night.


Both the seeds and juice of pomegranates have astringent properties that can help in the treatment of kidney stones. · Try to eat one whole pomegranate or drink one glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice daily. You can mix pomegranate in a fruit salad also.

Basil leaves

Basil is a great herb for curing kidney stones. Basil leaves extract with honey helps to clear out the kidney stones via urine. To prepare the remedy you need some basil leaves to be grinded to make a juice.  Then add 2 teaspoon honey with the basil juice. Drink it regularly for a couple of months to get cured from kidney stones.


Celery is one of the useful herbs for kidney diseases.  You can take the benefits of celery as vegetable, juice and celery tea.  Celery seeds are also great for kidney stones. Celery helps to treat and prevent kidney stones.

Kidney Beans

Being high in fiber, kidney beans can be effective in the treatment of any kind of kidney or bladder problem, including kidney stones. · Remove the beans from inside the pods, and then put the beans in hot water. Simmer the water on low flame for hours until the beans become soft and tender. Strain the liquid and allow it to cool. Strain the liquid again. Drink it several times throughout the day to relieve kidney stone pain. This liquid should not be kept for more than 24 hours, as it will lose its therapeutic properties. · You can also eat kidney beans in soup or salad.


 Vitamin A is an essential ingredient for healthy kidneys. One carrot can give you twice your daily requirements for this kidney-friendly nutrient. Foods rich in vitamin A include sweet potatoes, pumpkin, winter squash, broccoli, and carrots.

Avoid any type of food

 The following foods should be avoided:  fast food and processed foods, alcohol, soda, and caffeine. (Eating less meat) to reduce the consumption of animal protein is also important.

Reduce the amount of Oxalate

Oxalate is a substance that can form kidney stones. Oxalate in some dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach (When especially cooked) can be found. Another high-oxalate foods, nuts, chocolate, blueberries and beets are included.

To conclude, you can try any of these natural remedies for treating kidney stones. If there is no improvement in your condition, consult a doctor.






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