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Hazrat Abbas (PBUH)

(11 May 647- 20 October 679)


Abbas was the first child of Umm-ul-Banin. With his birth,Medina shone and the whole world glittered. Waves of pleasures flowed in the family of Ali, for the birth of their magnificent moon that would light this world with his merits, and would add immortal glory to the numerous glories of the Hashemites.

As soon as Imam Ali was given the good news of the birth of this blessed child, he hurried to take him, kiss him frequently, and hold the Shariite ceremonies of newborns. The Imam recited the azaan in his newborn's right ear and recited the iqama in the left.


Historians have confirmed that Abbas was born on the 4th of Sha'baan, AH 26.


After holding the Islamic ceremonies of newborns for Imam Ali's new baby, Lady Zaynab turned her face towards her father and asked, "Father, have you chosen a name and a nickname for this new baby?"
Her father answered, "Yes, daughter, I have."
"What are they, father?" she asked eagerly.
The father, as he perceived that this baby would be one of the heroes of Islam and would be frowning in the faces of evils and the wrongdoers, said: "I name him Abbas (the frowning), and nickname him 'Abu'l-Fadhl (father of virtue)."

Lady Zaynab however loved this baby very much and could not depart him for a single moment. She then told her father about the strange feelings that she had for this child…


Referring to the linguistic meaning of the Arabic Abbas, Ibn-Manzhour, in hisal-Ayn, writes down:Abbas the lion that other lions fear and escape.

InMuntaha al-Irab, the following is recorded:Abbas this name is called on the courageous, the fearless, the strong, and the attacker. It is one of the names of the lion. Describing Abbas in the battlefields, many historians have likened him to the angry lion.

Describing Abbas bin Ali, Turaihi, in his al-Muntakhab, says:Abbas bin Ali looked like an unshakable mountain. His heart was as same as a mound because he was such a unique horseman and hero. In battlefields, he was fearless.


It is narrated that, once, Imam Ali seated his baby Abbas on his knees, lifted his (the baby's) hands, kissed them, and wept. Watching this situation, the mother was astonished; hence, Imam Ali foretold her about the future of her baby and what would happen to his hands. She, as well as the others, wept heavily. After that, the Imam told her about her baby's great position with God, and this relieved her.

Abbas was nursed at the hands of a faithful mother who nurtured him on faith, loyalty, knowledge, devoutness, and high principles. His father, too, was that great personality whom is described as a copy of the Prophet, the inheritor of the prophets' knowledge, and the hero of all combats. Under the custody of these parents, Abbas was brought up. No wonder then if he possessed such personality and offered such big sacrifices for sake of his religion and principles.

Abbas adhered to his father since he was inMedina, and when he moved to Iraq and resided in Kufa, Abbas was also under his thoughtful care and wise education. By heredity, education, and environment, Abbas acquired all virtues, high moral standards, knowledge, and conversance.

After his father's demise, Abbas adhered closely to his two brothers, Hasan and Hosein. He returned with them toMedina and learnt from them the religious knowledge and fundamentals in addition to the nobilities of character.

When Imam Hasan was poisoned to death, Abbas adhered to his brother Imam Hosein and his nephew Imam Ali Zayn ul-Abidin. He kept himself with his brother inMedina, Mecca, and Iraq where he protected him as well as his harem until he lost his life for this sake.

Thus, unlike the other sons of Imam Ali, Abbas had the characteristic of full adherence to his father, two brothers, and nephew. From that reason, he was a true copy of the Imams in knowledge and morality.

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