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Pharmacology Day

27 August

In the early fifth century along with virtuous fanaticism in Europe, a great number of physicians and pharmacologists were exiled from their homeland, so they recognized Iran as the most suitable asylum and with the then King's collaboration Shahpur I, started to study and research in Jondi Shapur University, where became the assembly center of Greek, Indian, Western Asia and Iranian ideas; thus dominant prosperity was gained in medicine and pharmacy. For the first time, medicine was separated from pharmacology and also books by Aristotle, Socrates and Gale in these fields translated to Farsi.

In Jondi Shapur Univesity, Iranian, Greek and Indian doctors taught medicine. The official language was Greek but pharmacy was taught in Persian, since Iranian doctors had been especially skillful in it. Eventhe first book of pharmacy in the world was written by an Iranian named Shapur bin Sahl.

Finally a new field of medicine was emerged from knowledge and experiences of Iranian, Greek and Indian medicine which was called "Pre-Islam Iranian Medicine" and later was the base of Avicenna's medicine.

Avicenna- the "Persian Galen"

After Islam Development

After Arab's attack toIran,Abu musa Ash'ary occupied Jondi Shapur city but Jondi Shapur hospital was still open tillMansour Davaniqi, the first Abbasid Caliph, took a number of scientists toBaghdad. Therefore, Baghdad, the great Islamic Capital of the time became the center of medical sciences. In Mansour's era, majority of Persian and Indian books were translated to Arabic. These translations paved the way of development for other Islamic States.

As soon as the Kings of Buye Family, recognized the lost independence on 922 (320 Q.), Ezadodoleh overtook the reins of Islamic States and started to improve science and to establish charity institutions. From among these institutions was the first hospital inBaghdad,"Azodieh Hospital". Since then, important universities and hospitals were founded not only in Baghdad but in many Iran's main cities, including Nayshabur,Balkh and Boquarest. The pharmacy section in these hospitals was called "Sharabkhaneh" (the house of drinks) and the head in charge was "Mehtar". So we can call Iranianthe first foundersof sound pharmacology establishment in hospital. One of the most important and famous hospitals was"Nezamieh School and Hospital" which were established through the efforts of Khawajeh Nezam ol-Molk Tousi. In the first half of 7th century, the then great Hakims have been nurtured there, those like Sa'di who was proud of studying there.

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