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Romanian proverbs (1)


Fã-te frate cu dracu pânã treci puntea.

means:Call the Bear 'uncle' till you are safe across the bridge.
The Danger past and God forgotten.

Faptele grãiesc mai apãsat decât vorbele.

means:Actions speak louder than words.
Deeds, not words.

Pe unde a sãrit capra trebuie sã sarã si iada.

means:Where the dam leaps over, the kid follows.
As the old cock crows, so crows the young.

O gurã numai are omul si urechi douã, dar dimpotrivã mai mult grãieste decât ascultã.


Nature has given us two ears, two eyes and but one tongue; to the end we should hear and see more than we speak.
Nu e frumos ce e frumos, e frumos ce-mi place mie.
Fair is not fair, but that which pleases.
The crow thinks her own birds fairest.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Unul adunã, altul risipeste.

means:After a great getter comes a great spender.
After a thrifty father, a prodigal son.

E rãu când astepti de la mâna altuia.

means:He that is fed at another's hand may stay long ere he be full.
Who depends upon another man's table often dines late.

Pisica opãritã fuge si de apã rece.

means:A scalded Cat fears cold water.
A burnt Child dreads the fireHe that has been bitten by a Serpent is afraid of a rope

Whom a Serpent has bitten, a lizard alarms.

Dupã bucurie vine întristare.

means:After joy comes annoy.
Sadness and gladness succeed each other.

Cine râde la urmã râde mai bine.

means:He laughs best who laughs last.
He who laughs last, laughs longest.
Putin si des face mult.
Many small make a great.
Many drops make a shower.

Penny and penny laid up will be many.

Vecin bun ai nimerit, mare bine-ai dobândit.

means:A good neighbor, a good morrow.
A near neighbor is better than a far-dwelling kinsman.

Înainte de a porunci învatã a te supune.

means:He that cannot obey cannot command.
He commands enough that obeys a wise man.No man can be a good ruler unless he has first been ruled.

Cu chei de aur si de argint se deschid portile raiului.


He that will enter into paradise must have a good key.
Tãcerea e ca mierea.
Quietness is a great treasure.
Silence is golden.

Cine va sã mãnânce miezul trebuie mai întâi sã spargã coaja.

means:He that will eat the kernel must crack the nut.
He that would eat the fruit must climb the tree.

Cine nu cârpeste spãrtura micã are necaz sã dreagã borta mare.

means:Who repairs not his gutter repairs his whole house.
A stitch in time saves nine.

Sub piatra cea mai frumoasã, scorpia ascunsã zace.

means:There is a scorpion under every stone.
Snake in the grass.

Mai bine o datã: na! decât tot: stai cã ti-oi da!

means:One "TAKE IT" is more worth than two "Thou shalt have it".
Better to have than wish.One today is worth two tomorrows.

În unire stã tãria.

means:Union is strength.
United we stand, divided we fall.

Butia goalã sunã mai tare.

means:Empty vessels make the greatest sound.
Apa furatã e mai plãcutã.
Stolen waters are sweet.

Forbidden fruit is sweet.

La tinerete cine nu lucreazã, la bãtrânete râiazã.

means:An idle youth, a needy age.
If you lay upon roses when young, you'll lie upon thorns when old.
Gresind învatã omul.
By ignorance we mistake, and by mistakes we learn.
Failure teaches success.

Mistakes are often the best teachers.

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