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Transcending borders

Arabs, politics, trade and Islam inSoutheast Asia

Jonge, Huub de and Nico Kaptein (eds)

viii + 244 pages

ISBN 90 6718 184 6
Leiden 2002Arab immigrants toSoutheast Asia and their descendants have not received much attention in comparison with immigrants from other parts of the world such as the Chinese, Indians and Europeans. Numerically the Arabs as they are called up till now, have always paled into insignificance besides other foreign minorities, in particular in the colonial period. Even today their presence is hardly noticed. Yet, they have exercised a great influence on economic, political, social and religious developments in the region for centuries.This book contains ten articles form the perspective of various disciplines: history, sociology, anthropology and Islamology. These essays discuss the interrelationships within the various Arab communities, as well as between these communities and society at large, in the fields of politics, trade and Islam.


Engseng Ho: Before parochialization; Diasporic Arabs cast in creole waters
Mohammed Redzuan Othman: Conflicting political loyalties of the Arabs in Malaya before World War II
Kees van Dijk: Colonial fears, 1890-1918; Pan-Islamism and the Germano-Indian plot
William R. Roff: Murder as an aid to social history; The Arabs in Singapore in the early twentieth century
Ulrike Freitag: Arab merchants in Singapore; Attempt of a collective biography
William Gervase Clarence-Smith: Horse trading; The economic role of Arabs in the lesser Sunda islands, 1800-1940
Sumit K. Mandal: Forging a modern identity in Java in the early twentieth century
Nico Kaptein: The conflicts about the income on an Arab shrine: The Perkara Luar Batang in Batavia
Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Shouk: An Arabic manuscript on the life and career of Ahmed Muhammad Sûrkatî and his Irshâdî disciples in Java
Huub de Jonge: Contradictory and against the grain; Snouck Hurgronje on the Hadranis in the Dutch East Indies, 1889-1936.

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