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Mersad operation

27 July 1988 / 5 Mordad 1367

Acceptance of resolution 598 by Iran pushed Iraq to a political and military cul-de-sac and shocked “opposition” groups. Among them, hypocrites, the only organization which had tried all their best in the war, assumed a plot for changing the situation.

Mas’oud and Maryam Rajavi

Leaders of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (a.k.a hypocrites)

In their analysis, they had considered it is impossible Iran accept the resolution unless it would military, politically and economically reach a complete cul-de-sac, which certainly lead to Islamic Republic inversion and authority transfers to them. So they made the most of current situation and set ahead the original timetable they had planned for attacking Iran which was on the anniversary of war beginning.Iraq obviated its forces from direct operation insideIran’s borders in order to support and provide the hypocrite. For declining the number of its forces in west, first performed an expanded assault on Khorramshahr and the shot a heavy onslaught against Sar-pol-Zahab ad Saleh Abad, surrounded there and made it possible for hypocrites to pass the borders. Besides, Iraq bombarded Iranian forces many times to support hypocrites.

The hypocrites planned to occupy number of cities, reaching Tehran and take the authority. According to their timetable, on 3 Mordad the forces would have occupied Crend at 6 o’clock pm, Islam Abad at8 pm, andKermanshah at10 pm and would have announced their government officially. Though they were in their plan for Crend and Islam Abad, but on their way toKermanshah were prevented from progress.

In this operation (Eternal Light), hypocrites had used 25 brigades (each contained 200 people) that were totally 4-5 thousand forces. Also they were equipped to heavy arms.

At 14:30 in 3 Mordad 1367, hypocrites and Iraq military started their united operation by attacking Sar-pol-Zahab and progressed toward Crend at west. At 18:30, the first group of Iraqi tanks marked with the order of hypocrites, entered the city, occupied there and moved toward western Islam Abad. As soon as entering city, they cut electricity and telecommunication and tried to dislocate the city by shooting. A group of soldiers as well as people fought them but as a result of incoherency they couldn’t resist against hypocrites.

In the next level, the invaders moved towardKermanshah but failed due to new arrangement of Iranian soldiers. Our forces surrounded hypocrites in Crend on 4 Mordad at the afternoon. Finally in 5 Mordad, Mersad Operation was begun with“Ali bin Abi Taleb” code. In few hours, hundred of hypocrites were killed and the rest had to run back.

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