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A Traveler's Story

A Syrian came toMedina. He saw a handsome man astride a good camel. Upon enquiry he learnt that it was Imam Hasan bin Ali (PBUH).

The Syrian stepped forward in anger and said; "Are you the son of Ali bin Abi Talib?"

"Yes, I am the son of Ali."

He said, "You are the son of a person who was a polytheist". And he continued his foul utterances till he got tired of it. Imam Hasan (PBUH) remained silent. At last the man felt ashamed.

The Imam (PBUH) seeing his remorse said: "You look like a traveler, are you fromSyria?"

"Yes sir", he replied.

Imam Hasan (PBUH) said: "If you need a place to stay, we shall provide it. If you need money we would give it you. If you have any other problem, we shall help you."

Not only was the Syrian ashamed but was also rendered speechless by such an excellent behavior.

The following are his own words: "After I had the good fortune of enjoying the hospitality of Imam Hasan bin Ali (PBUH), I found his personality more likeable than that of any other person in the world."

Imam Hasan (PBUH) had offered the same type of hospitality to Asam bin Mutlaq the Syrian, and he too became his devotee.

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