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Bisheh Village

bisheh waterfall

Bisheh village is 75 km away from the city of Khorram-Abad; it is cold and dry in winter and has fine weather in spring and summer. This village used to be a summer resort for tribes, and has changed to a village since 100 years ago. The Bisheh village has a population of 1200; they are Shiite Muslims, and speak in Bakhtiari dialect of Lori language. The village is surrounded by Azganeh Mountain on the north and Chahak Mountain on the west, and is located in a valley in a mountainous area with an altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level. Most of its residents make a living by working in the fields of animal husbandry, gardening, raising fish, and apiculture. However, making various handicrafts such as rug, carpet, Jajim, and baskets woven from branches of a species of almond tree are also prevalent in Bisheh village. Various rural handicraft products in addition to dairy products of the village are sold in the local market.

Due to having numerous natural attractions, Bisheh village has turned into a famous tourist attraction in the region.

Among the most important natural attractions of this village we can name Sezar River which flows on the eastern side of the village. Surrounding areas of this river are covered with wild plants and flowers and tall trees; therefore it provides a suitable resort for tourists and travellers in spring and summer. The forests around the village are full of old thick trees of fig, walnut, aglet and a type of almond and have brought about magnificent sceneries. Besides these natural scenes, Bisheh waterfall is considered as one of the best recreational sites of the village. With an altitude of near 50 meters and 20 meters width, this waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in this region.

It is located near the train station of the village, 35 km away from the city of Dorud, and on the way of the railway connecting Tehran to the southern parts of the country. The fresh water of this waterfall gushes forth from the mountain and flows to Sezar River. The groves in the vicinity of Bisheh waterfall that are full of trees, in addition to the mellifluous sound of the flowing water makes every passer-by to applaud the beauties of creation in this region.

Natural attractions of this part of Iran have a strong bond with the rich history of Lorestan region. Valuable historical monuments such as castles, bridges, stone inscriptions, and residential caves dating back to the pre-historic eras can be found in each and every part of it. In addition to all these, hard-working, contented clans with their simple way of life and their black tents have added to the attractiveness of the region so much so that Lorestan region has turned into an ideal destination for the lovers of nature.

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