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Vanayi Village

vanayi village

Vanayi is a big and developed village of the town of Borujerd in western Iran. It is one of the most famous villages of Lorestan province and is located in a canyon 12 km North West of Borujerd just like a paradise lost.

Vanayi village is in a canyon between two high mounts of Bar-Aftab and Garin and therefore has a mountainous weather. It is cold and snowy in winters and enjoys a moderate cool weather in summers. South of Vanayi village, there is a small plain which has a brisk agriculture due to its having enough water sources. Many springs such as Sarab-Sefid, Do-Rozaneh, Tutia, Sarab-Panbeh take their rise in the mountain skirts of this region and are regarded as the main source of drinking water for residents of Borujerd.

Residents of Vanayi village are Shiite Muslims and speak Lori language with Borujerdi dialect. A number of these people are from families of Lor tribes. The economy of the village is based on agriculture, animal husbandry, apiculture, handicrafts, and so on. The surrounding areas of Vanayi village provide proper settlement for the indigenous animal species and have been considered a hunting resort for the hunters since years ago. Such animals as boar, wolf, fox, rabbit, rat, hyena, and birds like heron, partridge, rooster, and the like form the fauna of Vanayi mountainous region.

The rich flora of Vanayi village, especially during spring and summer has always attracted the attention of tourists and travellers. Edible and medicinal aromatic plants such as pennyroyal, chamomile, milk-vetch, and wild carnation can be widely found in the region.

The springs of the region that are brimful of water connect each other to form Seymareh River. This river, besides watering the plains of Lorestan province, attaches Dez River in Khuzestan. Seymareh River on its route plays an effective role in developing the region's agriculture. Green beans and cucumbers produced in this region are of high quality, such that there are tens of small factories that are active in production of cucumber pickles at the time. The products of these units are sent to various parts of the country and exported to other countries as well. Thanks to the weather condition of Vanayi village, its dairy products are also of a better quality in comparison with those of other areas. Dairy products of the village are sold in the local market as well as the neighbouring cities.


It is worth mentioning that Vanayi village is the resort for the mountaineers who intend to climb to the high peaks of Zagros mountain range. There are 10 high mountains and mountain peaks in the region like Hejdah-Yaal, Se-Kuzaan, Vaalaash, Berenjeh, and Higareh. The green and intact nature of Vanayi village is among the attractive areas in the vicinity of Borujerd and is considered as a natural tourist attraction site. In Vanayi village, there is a historic castle and a cave that add to the attractiveness of the village.

From among the most beautiful attractions of this village mention can be made of Vanayi spring, thick groves and gardens, Galeh-Rood River that is abundant with water, and the high peaks of the mountains which are covered with snow during the whole year and whose skirts are replete with pastures, grasslands, and pure spring waters.

Anyway, on holidays especially in spring and summer Vanayi hosts Borujerdi families who come to this village to rest and spend their leisure time next to the river and fountains of the area.

Source: irib.ir

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