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German Islamic Institute


Tasks and adjectives:

The German Islamic Institute for Scientific and Cultural Cooperation was founded in March 2000. Its aim is to promote understanding between cultures and nations, in particular between Germany and the Islamic world, and to reduce prejudices in the knowledge that the prerequisite for peace in the world is mutual understanding.

To achieve understanding there must be knowledge. Conveying this knowledge in all kinds of ways, especially through personal meetings and encounters, is one of the Institute's foremost concerns.

The instituteconducts the dialogue in lectures and seminars, symposia and similar events in collaboration with German and Islamic universities, colleges and academies. It promotes the exchange of professors, students and school-children

it collaborates with professional associations and organizations which pursue the same or similar objectives

it intends to set up an Islamic academy inGermany in accordance with the Prophet Muhammad's appraisal: "The study of science has the same value as fasting, the teachings of science the same value as a prayer..."

it is building up its own library which will be accessible free of charge to interested persons

it publishes its own academic papers, and also translations of appropriate books and third-party publications serving the Institute's objectives

it actively supports the initiation of a German-Islamic foundation and a German-Islamic social welfare organization

and it wishes, as nothing is more convincing than giving a good example, to provide assistance with the setting up of a German-Islamic bank and an Islamic investment company in Germany.

The Institute sees as another of its tasks the calling to memory of the many points of contact and things in common between Islam, Christendom and German intellectual and cultural life.

Arabic course:
The first Arabic language course began with 14 participants on 19 October 2000. Since February 2001 two language courses took place with a total of 30 participants. The courses were run by a highly qualified Arabic specialist.

Participants in these two Arabic language beginners' courses, who were interested in attending a follow-up course in 2002, were merged into one class for two consecutive advanced courses. The lessons were given by a Tunisian teacher, and she achieved very good results with her class.


The Institute begun to build up a library in a room designed also for holding teaching courses, seminars and meetings in 2000.
During the following years the Institute acquired further interesting books, which were keenly used by the Institute's staff and by visitors interested in Islamic and theological issues.
The library of about 700 titles has four subdivisions: Islam, Christian theology, dialogue and poetry.

Science Exchange:

In April 2001, Mr. Heydecke, the Chairman of GII attended the conference of the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization of the Arab League in Cairo on the subject of increasing productivity and quality assurance. The impression he took home from the conference was that the problems had been fully recognized in theory, but that there are difficulties in terms of practical implementation.

Soldiers at Fassberg Camp: Islam and the Situation in Afghanistan
Women's Circle Fassberg: Islam and the Situation of Women in Islam
German army officers from Scheuen and Wietzenbruch: Islam + Terrorism
Islamic Community Wolfsburg: Islam and Peace
Lecture held before German soldiers: The Situation After September 11, 2001
General Conference Cairo of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs:Muslim Minorities in the Non-Muslim Countries
4th Islam Week in Tübingen: Terror Has No Religion - Islam and Catholic Congregation Celle: Islam and Muslims in Germany
Adult education centre Alfeld/Leine: Women in Islam
Umbrella organization of Moroccan associations: Islam is the Religion of Tolerance and Peace
Lecture and book presentation at Buchfink bookshop: The Monks of Tibhirine
Class of KAV High School: Interview on Islam and the GII's Objectives
Uetze High School: Islam and Fundamentalism
Church Congregation Nienhagen: Islam and the West
Meeting of German-speaking Muslims, Hamburg: Mankind -Society -Politics
Protestant Congregation Lachendorf: The Basics of Islam
Catholic Academy Berlin: Islam and the West
Lecture held before 30 ladies from German Women's Circle Celle: Islam and the Situation of Muslim Women

The Institute took part in the following symposia:

State Centre for Political Education
Quandt Foundation in Münster: Mosques in Germany
Social Studies Conference, Kassel
Journalism and Ethics - Symposium with the German President Johannes Rau with Muslims from all around the world
Quandt Foundation Symposium on Mosques in Germany. After the event, the German Islamic Institute was requested to colloborate on this topic.
The Image of Islam in Germany at the Evangelische Akademie
The German Islamic Institute took part in a symposium at the Federal Foreign Office

Participation in other discussions and activities:

Muslims in Lower Saxony, Work Group Religious Education
Advising regional parliamentary party FDP in Düsseldorf on Islam issues
Adult Evening Classes inCelle: series of seminars on Islam, 5 lectures
Organization and preparation of the symposium of the Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, in collaboration with the Consultant Abdulla Al Ghazi. It was chaired by the President of the Bank, Dr. Ahmad Mohammed Ali. The key lecture was held by the former President of Indonesia, Dr. Bacharrudin J. Habibie. The compère was Brother Abdul Hadi.
Participation in a business symposium organized by the Arab League in Cairo. Short lecture about the German Islamic Institute and the necessity for the transfer of technical expertise to the Arab World.


German Islamic Institute (GII) for Scientific and Cultural Cooperation
Knackendöffelstr. 36
D-29351 Eldingen
+49 (0) 51 48 - 91 19 69
Fax: +49 (0) 51 48 - 91 19 54
www.dii-edu.com - English website
www.dii-edu.de - German website
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