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 I.R. IRAN Welfare Day

16 July

Islamic Republic of Iran Welfare Organization was approved on July 10, 1980 to fulfill the 3rd, 21st, and 29th articles of its Constitutional law. Social Welfare services are offered to the disabled and needy people by Welfare Organization; those who are not covered by insurance system, Benefit protective services offered by Welfare Organization. There is a close collaboration between parallel agencies with Similar Humanitarian goals and functions, and benevolent volunteer groups to provide needy and low-income people with protective services, the disabled with rehabilitation, and vulnerable groups with prevention services of social problems and disabilities.
The budget of above Organization is mainly allocated by government. Other financial Public resources are as follow:
a. Special funds
b. Public donations
c. Charities

The main goals of Welfare Organization
* To provide and supply protective services for all needy groups of people and families through it's network.
* To evaluate and improve the living standard of those who receive W.O. services periodically.
* To prepare short and long-term executive plans and programs to provide services to needy people.
* To encourage people to participate in W.O. activities.
There are 3 deputies in the organization and one University attached

Social affairs deputy
Rehabilitation deputy
Prevention deputy
Parliament and public assessment deputy
University of Welfare and Rehabilitation

Social affairs deputy

Duties of social affairs deputy
* -To offer protective, consultative , financial and spiritual services to needy and unprotected families such monthly educational ,housing , medical, treatment and clothing, allowances
* To offer social work and consulting services to unprotected families.
* To train the client in carpet weaving, knitting and tailoring vocational workshops.
* To take care of unprotected & protected infants in nurseries.
* To take care of unprotected children in orphanages. Child adoption is made to honorable families.
* To teach educational, Ideological, physical and cultural matters to the children of needy and unprotected families in order to prevent social problems.
* To readapt deviant women to join their families or make a private life.
Bureaus in deputy of social affair
There are5 bureaus in deputy of social affairs:
Deviants' bureau, family bureau, women's bureau, rural Welfare, Child and adolescents' bureau.
1- Deviants' bureau functions:
* Family therapy, consulting and protective services are provided to broken families.
* Establishing re-adaptation centers for women,
* Establishing care centers for beggars and street children,
2-Family bureau activities:
* Changing the whole structure of daily care centers into family like ones
* Carrying-out a "Hot-Line" for Emergencies.
* Protecting unprotected, disabled people by Rehabilitation Deputy.
3-Women and families' bureau activities.
* Implementing social assistance plan in Welfare centers
* Providing Financial and protective assistance's to under cover families
* Developing of situation and awareness levels of the occupied women and under Welfare (Such as Koran and Islamic order educating, training of specialized works and cultural.
4-Rural Welfare bureau activities:
* Preparing educational subjects under supervision of rural Welfare services bureau according to new educational system of Welfare university and holding workshops for rural workers.
5-Children and adolescents, bureau activities:
* Preparing and collecting information about public training of children and mothers such as :
* Awaking nursery teachers about special features of psychological structure of mothers.
* Obtaining necessary information on breeding children by mothers.
* Preparing the project of mental & Physical health of 4-5 year old children in co-operation with the ministry of health.
* Consulting to mothers and children.

Rehabilitation deputy

Duties of deputy of rehabilitation
1- Social Rehabilitation services
* Providing equal opportunities for disabled people such as :
A) Modifying public buildings and the disabled houses
B) Offering psychological consulting services to the disabled
* Training mentally handicapped children in pre-schools, providing educational grants to disabled children,
a) Allocating housing and marriage loans for disabled people.
b) Giving special training to the Deaf, the Blind and mentally retarded people.
- Institutionalizing the aged and the disabled in the care centers.
2- Vocational Rehabilitation services
* Evaluation of unemployed disabled individuals who are trained in vocational workshops.
* Teaching the disabled how to integrate the society.
* Job placement of disabled in governmental and non-governmental agencies.
3- Medical Rehabilitation services
There is a team of Physicians, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, audiometrist and psychologists in rehabilitation clinics where specialists use modern technology to rehabilitate the people with disabilities.
4- Medical Rehabilitation Services
* To make data bank on the field of rehabilitation equipment.
* providing standard for rehabilitation clinks in point of force , place and rehabilitation equipment.
* Supervision on work of doctors and nurses and groups of rehabilitation in care centers
* Assessment equipment needs help advice rehabilitation
* Providing educational issues for use of help advice rehabilitation and training of rehabilitation's issues.
* Execution training and implementing seminar in order to equalization rehabilitation clinks activities.

Prevention deputy

* Designing supervision and implementation of disabilities prevention and social problems for creating health society such as (individual, family and society health).
* Recognizing of cause of disabilities and social problems
* Reformation of changing of environment factors that indirectly effect in disabilities and social problems

General activities of deputy
* Mental - social consoling (family)
* Hotline consoling : There are some call numbers for consult with experts such as psychiatric and counselor and psychologists and so on in critical period about social , mental, family , education , jobs difficulties and etc.
*Face to face counseling. These center experts consult with people in mental - social issues. Face to face counseling can be done with the following methods:
* Prevention message which include internal publications in Welfare Organization that offer to experts or staff it's Organization
* Awareness with films and posters.

Disabilities prevention office
* Projects which relates to disabilities prevention in 1998.
* Prevention of amblyoaia
* Training prevention of disabilities and social problems with public assessment construction foundation.
* Prevention of disabilities training and social injures with literacy movement.
* Training of disabilities prevention and social problems with genetic disorder.
* Design of prevention training from burning event and poisons of student and theirs mothers.
* Recognize of initial deaf

Prevention of social -problems office
*Design of mental helps worker school
* Prevention of suicide
* Design of mental helps peers
* Planing of life skills training
* Comprehensive program prevention of drug - Addiction
* Drug - addicts treatment

Deputy of parliament and public assessment

* Explaining cultural and religious bases of public assessment in charity affairs and social welfare.
* Using of Alms and poor - rate and legacy in welfare services and it's aims.
* Preparing laws and regulations for easing of public assessment and eliminate abstracts.
* To attract internal and external science cooperation and international Organization to offer Welfare services and activities.

University of Welfare and Rehabilitation

* Manpower training in different levels and University majors in charge of regional and national needs.
* Establishing scientific and educational symposium and seminars and congress in order to enforcement Welfare and Rehabilitation culture in society and also scientific training of students and experts managers and other related groups.
* Conduction and performing research projects.
* Compilation , Production and publication of the Welfare science ( books , magazines , posters , audio and video implements)

Summery of Welfare Organization success in 5 recent years

1) Establishing Welfare and Rehabilitation University.
2) Reviewing prevention of disability and social problems programs and performing several effective projects.
3) Reforming the laws of establishment or the Welfare Organization and preparing public assessment for offering services.
4) Reforming financial regulation of Welfare Organization and making facilities for offering services to the clients.
5) Performing training courses and enhancing manpower knowledge
6) Eliminating supporting and servicing positions and employing experts
7) Separating different departments Welfare Organization and establishing Welfare Organization of Tehran province
8) Establishing Welfare Offices in centers of provinces
9) Performing of CBR programs
10) Preparing project reform of Organizational structure
11) Establishing and expanding productive cooperative for disabled people
12) Supporting non-governmental groups for offering services to the disabled people
13) Compiling standards for offering rehabilitation services includes of manpower and equipment
14) Making Hotline condoling centers
15) Making drug-abusers treatment centers
16) Making public assessment in developing private kindergarten
17) Establishing genetic specialized laboratory
18) Performing prevention projects from suicide and addiction in Ilam and Kermanshah
19) Performing mental helps peers and schools mental helps workers projects in cooperation with members of health city project
20) Performing 10 projects in the fields of amblyoaia genetic disabilities deafness and blindness in cooperation with other institutions and agencies.

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