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  • 6/28/2005

Day of Industry & Mine

This day was called as Industry and Mine day, according to a regulation issued by the high council of Cultural Revolution. The phenomenon of Industry and Mine is a subject that must be taken seriously. This high council removed any obstacles against the utilization of mines by governmental organizations and companies. After triumph of the Islamic Revolution, Construction Jihad played an important role in improving of mineral and industrial activities. The attempts of members of this organization for developing of country industry, financial and cultural aids and also creating the employment opportunities for human forces were the important affairs made by this organization (Construction Jihad).

Exporting of industrial and mineral products played an important role in the economy of country. The development plan for the export of industrial and mineral products has set a quantitative goal of exporting and its portion was 81.3% of all non-oil exports.

The Major themes of mining and industry are as follow; design and planning, mechanization and machinery, resource saving technologies, mine safety and health, environmental issues, offshore mining, geo mechanics, coal mining and development technologies, exploration, world aspects of mining, new methods and information technology, education, as well as trends of future needs. We should consider these themes as important subjects and try to expand them. Every year some conferences held in different countries about mineral and industrial matters. In these seminars all engineers try to find the best method for expanding the industry and mineral activities.

Industrial Development and Renovation is the aim of our engineers in different fields of industry. The main industries or industrial sectors are considered as new technologies or High-Tech which is based on superior technologies used in production or services .The superior technology includes Information Technology (IT), New Materials, Biotechnology, Electronics and Micro Electronics, which shares on global industries production in highly increasing.

The principal characteristics of superior technologies and their dependent industries are as follows: High rate of technical knowledge, Progressive infiltration in industries and services, Progressive infiltration in every day’s life, High amount of creativity, High added value, and Ecological adaptability.

Today the mineral materials are applied in different fields of industry, agriculture, electronics, health and …etc. Mineral materials and industrial activities play an important role in country development and we should consider them in all different productive fields.

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