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Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law (CIMEL)



The Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law was established in 1990 at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in recognition of the growing importance of law in both its Islamic and Middle Eastern dimensions. The analysis of the various systems of law at work in the Islamic and Middle Eastern world as well as an active interaction with Middle Eastern and Muslim lawmakers and scholars are crucial for the future of stability and for the rule of law in its various forms inside each jurisdiction. The rule of law will also determine the parameters of the relationship withEurope and the West generally. In an increasingly small and interdependent world, CIMEL operates as a scholarly legal bridge for research and practice at the crossroad of Islam, theMiddle East and the West.

CIMEL's Objectives

The promotion of the study and understanding of Islamic law and modern Middle East legal systems, individually and comparatively, by encouragement of research and by means of lectures, publications, conferences, seminars, academic visits and exchanges and other related activities;

The fostering of links between all persons involved in Islamic and Middle East law, including academic specialists, legal practitioners, members of the business community, government and other interested persons, whether in the United Kingdom, the Middle East or elsewhere;

The provision of services (academic and practical) from the resources of the Centre to subscribing members;

The raising of funds, to be managed by the Centre, for the furtherance of these above objects.

At SOAS law Department, it is possible to take Islamic law options as part of the LLB, BA, Certificate in Comparative Law,LLM, MA, Diploma in Law, MPhil or PhD programmes.

Options at the postgraduate level include:

•Islamic law
•Islamic law of succession
•Arab comparative commercial law

It is also possible as part of the LLM or MA programmes to write a long essay on a topic concerning Islamic and / or Middle Eastern law.

Contact CIMEL:

By email: cimel@soas.ac.uk
By Post: CIMEL, SOAS,Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG, UK

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