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Coupling in animates in view of Qur’an (Part 2)


The System of Animal Copulation and Reproduction

The attraction of the male animal for the female one and the mutual attraction existing between these two living beings, expressly for getting pleasure out of life, reproduction and survival of the species, is one of the biological wonders. Anyone who ponders over the desire and attention paid by animals to this vital issue; and the order and discipline governing coupling and copulation, will be greatly surprised.

All of the following issues are actually the manifestation of God's will and are considered to be wonders of Creation: the couple's cooperation in building their nest; the nest structure; guarding their secrets; choosing the site and time; and more important than all this is copulation. Other wonders are paying attention to the chicks' condition and providing them with food; teaching them what they must be taught and protecting them from danger and unexpected events, etc.

Man is really surprised by the egg-layers' and mammals' world of secrets: copulation, attention paid to guarding the eggs, fetuses and the newly-born ones. The conditions and regulations governing coupling, copulation and reproduction are appropriate and based on the divine laws.

There is not a moving creature, but He hath grasp of its fore-lock. Verily it is my Lord that is on a straight Path. [Holy Qur’an: Hud 11:56]

No animal tries to attract another species of animal. The male animal does not deviate from its straight, divine path and there is no deviation found in the sexual instincts of animals. The male sperm is intended for females of the same species and no other species is taken into consideration.

Animals do not attack females belonging to another male of the same species and they do not pursue other female animals. Oviparous animals and mammals are not any different in this regard.

Those who ponder over the order and discipline of all affairs, especially copulation and reproduction of birds, reptiles, herbivores and water creatures will really get astonished. The animals' life styles and the rules that govern them are good lessons for those people who have not taken God's guidance and live a life lacking spirituality. Animals are similar to inanimate objects, elements, the moon, sky, Earth and vegetation in regard to order and discipline.

Source: erfan.ir

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