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Anadolu University


History ofAnadolu University
EskisehirAcademy of Economics and Commercial Sciences, founded in 1958, constitutes the beginning of Anadolu University. Named Anadolu University in 1982, this educational institution has become one of the preeminent institutions of higher education inTurkey and abroad.

The University has two main campuses: Yunusemre and Ikieylül. The former, located in the center of the town, houses the main administrative buildings as well as several faculties and schools. The latter, located 5 km out of town, is the home for Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Schools of Civil Aviation, Physical Education and sports and Airport Anadolu. The other campuses are located in the city of Bilecik and the town of Bozüyük.

Anadolu University houses 12 faculties, 3 of which are distance education, 6 schools and State Conservatory, 4 vocational schools, 9 institutes (4 graduate schools, 5 institutes) and 19 research centers.

The University is proud to implement one of the most successful distance education programs in the world that also is taken as a model by many institutions. Today, the number of students in the 3 distance education faculties is approaching 800 thousand.

The Faculty
AnadoluUniversity has over 1500 faculty members who are dedicated to teaching as well as to excellence in their field. They place strong emphasis on academic endeavors and strive to make students’ learning experience as meaningful as possible.

Anadolu University is also honored by the presence of distinguished scholars, eminent members of the economic, cultural and business world who accept to teach at Anadolu University as visiting scholars.

AnadoluUniversity has two main campuses. On both campuses, all the units are equipped with technology enabling both the faculty and the students have access to internet facilities. The science and applied science laboratories have technologies on the cutting edge.

The Intensive English Language Program
TheSchool ofForeign Languages provides Anadolu University students with a year of intensive English program. The aim of the program is to increase the level of English proficiency of the students and prepare them for their undergraduate work since some of the academic programs at Anadolu University have adopted English as their language of instruction.


The faculty has contributed to the scientific and educational development in Pharmacy and in related fields. It houses the well known Medical and Aromatic Plant andDrug Research Center. Both the faculty and the center are equipped with modern laboratories, and research facilities. In these facilities, the faculty has conducted research, national and international seminars that has earned it an international reputation.

The departments of Faculty of Humanities are dedicated to increasing the awareness levels of the students in their own culture. The education also aims to engrain tolerance and understanding of cultural waves of the past and present nations.
Art History
Turkish Language and Literature

Educating the next generation of young people is the main goal of Faculty of Education. The faculty aspires to train future teachers who are equipped with the know-how, technology, and compassion necessary in transferring knowledge from one individual to another. Curriculum has been designed and strengthened to improve content knowledge and all pre-service teachers are required to participate in intensive field experience. These steps are taken so that our graduates have a greater understanding of the knowledge and the skills that their students will need to learn and a broader range of instructional strategies.
Arts and Crafts Education
Education of the Hearing Impaired
Education of the Mentally Handicapped
Educational Technology and Computing
English as a Foreign Language
French as a Foreign Language
German as a ForeignLanguage
PrimarySchool Education
Primary School Mathematics Teacher Training
Social Studies

The modern world needs cumulative scientists who are able to integrate scientific facts and findings to an ever-changing social world. The faculty provides its students with theoretical and applied courses enhanced with laboratory sessions. The faculty laboratories are well equipped and are up-graded for new developments in science. The students also enjoy their elective courses that help enhance their social understanding and world view. The faculty places a strong emphasis on the graduates being well-trained scientists and researchers.

AtAnadoluUniversity science constitutes the body but art the soul. The Faculty of Fine Arts does not admit students simply by test scores. Each student is evaluated individually and judged not only by their abilities and creativity but also by their personality. Each year, out of hundreds of fine young men and women the faculty tries to choose the most talented and promising future artists. Unfortunately, many similarly talented applicants are disappointed not because they are unworthy but because it is simply not possible to squeeze a large number of students into a relatively small freshman class. Thus, Fine Arts Faculty trains future artists in small groups with all the facilities that promote creativity.
Ceramic Arts
Graphic Arts
Interior Design

The faculty of law is a recently established academic unit at Anadolu University. A relatively small number of students enjoy courses taught by resident faculty members as well as prominent professors of law from other universities. The students learn through the textbooks and real court cases. The combination of theoretical and applied training enables our graduates to pass the bar exams and be successful attorneys, judges, prosecutors.

The faculty of Economics and Business Administration is the oldest academic unit atAnadolu University. The faculty aims to prepare students to function in a globalized business world. The curricula include a combination both theoretical and applied courses in economics, management and accounting to supply the students with the ability to evaluate information objectively and offers solutions if and when problems arise. The tradition this oldest faculty has established enable its graduates to be well sought after.
Business Administration
Business Administration (English medium)
Business Administration (Evening Classes)
Economics (English medium)
Economics (Evening Classes)
Labor Economics and Industrial Relations
Public Finance

In a world that highly requires communication across national boundaries and continents the word communication has become a ‘cult’ word.Anadolu University is very proud with its Faculty of Communication, one of the pioneering faculties in the nation. The faculty has a well-deserved reputation for training students in the science and art of communication. Many of its graduates have gone on to work in the media and earned themselves the respect of their fellow colleagues. Today it is very common to see the signature of a graduate on top television programs or newspaper editorials. The faculty is equipped with modern technology
where students encounter their real media experiences.
Cinema and Television
Communication Arts
Advertising and Public Relations
Printing and Publications

The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture has moved into its new and technologically enhanced building. Each department in the faculty tries to have contacts with the industry and keep up-to-date with the needs that may arise in the private and the public sectors. Therefore, the curriculum is revised to enable the graduates to adapt to new technologies as quickly as possible. The faculty enjoys modern well-equipped laboratories as well as extensive personal computer facilities which supplement departmental access to the main university computer. The faculty contains a number of special facilities which meets the demands made by research in nanotechnologies. Much of research in the faculty is financed by the grants received from various industries, State Planning Institute, Turkish Scientific Research Foundation.
Materials Science Engineering (English medium)
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering (English medium)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English medium)
Environmental Engineering (English medium)
Industrial Engineering


Distance education system also known as Open Education, with its faculties Open Faculty, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration provides education opportunities to many who otherwise cannot continue with higher education. Today, the total number of students is about 800 thousand, and up to date the number of students to receive BA or associate degrees from the distance education programs is over 650 thousand.

The educational materials used in programs are designed according to self-study principles and the most recent developments in educational technology are incorporated. The books written by experts in their fields have been the basic educational material at Open Education Faculty. The books are all printed at theAnadolu University printing facilities.

Radio and television programs continue to support the textbooks. These television programs are produced at the Radio-Television Production Center which has professional facilities. The constantly updated programs are broadcasted through the Turkish National Radio and Television network- TRT. Students reach their professors through e-mail, fax or telephone and receive answers to their questions during live programs.

Open Faculty offers Baccalaureate degree programs in English Language Teaching and Preschool Teaching and associate degree programs in the following.
English Language Teaching (Degree Program in which the 1st and 2nd year classes are conducted in traditional classes (face-to-face) in 16 centers around Turkey: Adana, Ankara, Bursa, Diyarbakir, Edirne, Erzurum, Eskisehir, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Izmir, Konya, Malatya, Mersin, Samsun, Sinop, and Trabzon. 3rd and 4th years are distance education.)
Preschool Teaching (Degree Program)
Information Management (Associate Degree Program)
Banking and Insurance (Associate Degree Programs)
Office Management and Secretarial Training (Associate Degree Program)
Foreign Trade (Associate Degree Program)
Home Management (Associate Degree Program)
Public Relations (Associate Degree Program)
Theology (Associate Degree Program)
Local Governments (Associate Degree Program)
Accounting (Associate Degree Program)
Management of Health Institutions (Associate Degree Program)
Social Sciences (Associate Degree Programs)
Tourism and Hotel Management (Associate Degree Program)
Agriculture (Associate Degree Program)
Veterinary Sciences (Associate Degree Program)
Occupational Training for Gendarme (Associate Degree Program)
Occupational Training for the Police Force (Associate Degree Program)

Faculty of Economics offers degree programs to those who are unable to attend regular university courses. The courses offered by the faculty are all conducted with self-study and distance learning principles in mind. All textbooks have supporting television broadcasts.

Labor Economics and Industrial Relations
Public Administration
Public Finance

Faculty of Business Administration, similar to the other academic units in the distance education system, offers degrees to those who cannot enroll in resident university program for different reasons.

The curriculum is carefully planned and the textbooks are written by some of the most prominent academicians in the field. At present, the faculty has only the Department of Business Administration.

AnadoluUniversity now makes it possible for individuals who are already enrolled in a University or who have received a university degree in the past to be admitted to distance education programs except Information Management and English Language Teaching.

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