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The Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought & Civilization (AIITC)


The Institute is an Albanian-founded non-profit organization. It was founded under Albanian code of Associations number 0587 dated 29.07.1994.
The Institute was registered in The Court of Tirana under number 143 on the date of 4.03.1996.

Goals of the Institute:
1-To contribute in the upkeep of the Islamic culture and heritage in Albania and the Balkans;
2-To present the Islamic heritage and traditions of Albania in a clear manner to Albanian researchers and the public in general;
3-To strengthen the historical and cultural ties between Albanians living in the Balkans with their counterparts in the Arab and Muslim World;
4-To organize and participate in seminars, symposiums, exhibitions and educational classes that will allow for the exchange of opinions between academics in regards to Islamic thought and culture;
5-To coordinate agreements for scholarships, aids and grants with universities in Albania and the Arab and Islamic world;
6-To further study and document Albanian Islamic architecture with official Albanian departments and non-governmental Albanian organizations;
7-To set up a library of Islamic books and manuscripts that can be used by researchers and those interested in Islamic studies;
8-To set up an Islamic museum that will hold ancient relics, manuscripts, books, coins, archives and documents;
9-To set up vocational and training programs in line with the vocational and training programs and courses that are offered in Albania;
10-To translate and publish Islamic books and researches into Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Albanian;
11-To cooperate and coordinate with fellow organizations, institutes and charity funds in Albania and abroad.

The organization of Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization’s directorship is as below:

High Council: High Council is a custodian organism of AIITC. This Council is composed by the members that established the Institute. Their representation is permanent and covers the Albanian regions in Balkans and Diaspora as well. This Council approves the works’ politics of Institute, having the right to oppose every decision that comes out from other organisms, commissions and councils of the Institute, in the cases when such decisions are against the status of AIITC.
General Assembly: General Assembly approves the disciplines and the rules of Institute’s activity. It is consisted of permanent members that have fulfilled their annual obligations.
Leading Board: Leading Board is an executive organism of Institute which leads according to the approved program by the General Assembly. It is compound of five to seven members. This Board has the duty of Institute’s leading, decision-making, contracting and attending the approved financial budget’s realization.
The members of High Council have the right to assist in the meetings of Leading Board. Leading Board has the right of inviting the necessary persons to assist in its meetings, either in the role of counselor about special matters, or in the role of the observant.
Scientific Council: Scientific Council is formed to help in the orientation of scientific and searcher’s activity of the Institute. In the structure of the Scientific Council are included the most professional employers that represent all Institute’s departments. Scientific Council analyses:
-The scientific work’s report introduced by the directorate on realizing the projects of the Institute and predicted expenses for such a purpose.
-The most important scientific projects (as monographs, summary of documents, scientific activities platforms, etc).
-National programs in which is included the Institute.
-Giving degrees according to the legal procedure.
Supervisor Commission: Supervisor Commission is formed by the High Council or the General Assembly. Its Director is the headman of Leading Board.
Scholars and researchers: In this group are included persons that collaborate with the Institute during a certain period of time, especially until they complete their research and scientific work, the seminar or their visits inAlbania and who don’t want to have a continuous membership in Institute.

P.O. Box: 2905
Tirana, Albania
Telephone : +355 4 340089
Fax: + 355 4 230303
Email: contact@aiitc.org

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