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Sheikh Sadough

The Memorial Day

5 May

Mohammad bin Ali bin Hosein bin Babvieh Qomi, renowned as "Sheikh Sadough" was born in 917 in a pious, scientist family from Qom. (Some had also reported 918 or 919 for his birth year.)

His father Ali bin Babvieh first married his cousin, but she was unable of getting pregnant. Thus in a letter he asked Hosein bin Rouh, Imam Mahdi's representative, to contact Imam and plead for a pray so may God bless him pious, righteous children. After a time he received a letter from Imam: "You won't have any child from your wife, but it's soon that you'll bye a bondmaid from Daylam. Marry her and she will deliver two pious sons for you."

Sheikh Sadough had written about his birth in his book Kamal ad-Din: "Whenever Abu Ja'far Mohammad bin Al Asvad saw me going to school, he told me: "There must be no surprise you're highly interested in science and knowledge; you've been born by Imam Mahdi's Consideration and pray."

His Great father, Ali bin Hosein bin Babvieh Qomi, was one of the prominent scientists and pious men of his own time. Those days there lived many scientists and religious narrators in Qom. But his father, Ali bin Babvieh was a pioneer in leading people.

Scientific Character

Sheikh Sadough is among the greatest characters and a noted one in knowledge in Islamic world.

Living close to Holy Imams' era, he served a great deal to Islam and Shi'ism by collecting Infallible Imams (PBUT) quotes and compiling valuable books.

He was 22 or 23 when his father passed away and thus he took over his late father responsibility. It was when a new era started in his life.

Sheikh Tousi describes Sheikh Sadough as follows: "He was a respected man of knowledge; great criticizer of Hadith, peerless in memorizing Hadith among great clergies of Qom was and majority of fields of knowledge. He compiled more than 300 works.

His Works

Each of his various compilations in Islamic sciences and techniques is a noble endless treasure that after more than 1000 years, they are more reliable and valid:

1. At Towhid (worshiping the lonely Allah)

2. Madnat-ol-Elm (city of knowledge)

3. Al-Khesal

4. Al-Hedayate-be Khair (direction to righteousness)

This great man of knowledge and the last of Sadough Family passed away after a long, benefited life in 991.

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