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Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University



Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University was founded in accordance with an agreement signed on September 30, 1995 inIzmir, between the government of theTurkish Republic and that of the Kyrgyz Republic. Now the university, opened in a small building for rent on Belinskaya Street of Bishkek, carries out its educational and administrative services in its Main Building, including Rector office, having 11 800 square meter space where 1200 students can be taught (Tynchtyk Street, 56 Bishkek) and in the buildings of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Faculty of Communication (Jal district, Bishkek).



The document of regulations was signed by the government authorities of the Kyrgyz andTurkishRepublics onDecember 17, 1995. According to these regulations, which came into force following the ratification by the authorized bodies of both countries, this university is a higher education institution established in conformity with bilateral agreements and having private and common status. The university has a corporate body and scientific autonomy. The highest governing body of the university is the Board of Trustees. This Board of Trustees, as found in Anglo-Saxon university models is characteristically independent, intermediary establishment and organizes the relations between the university and the governments of both countries. On the other hand, the Board of Inspectors is authorized to control administrative, financial and academic affairs. The administration of the university is based on the tenet of common management of affairs, so both in executive board and board of censors, the Turkish and Kyrgyz sides are equally represented. The diplomas given by the university are acknowledged in both countries.

The mission of the university is to secure an education, in community for the Kyrgyz and Turkish young people as well as for the young in other Turkic Republics and communities, along with helping them develop common approach and cooperation. It is believed that in this way the university will contribute to contemporary scientific developments and will support the renaissance of Turkic civilization. In this frame the goals of the university are:

To serve as a model for the higher education system of Kyrgyzstan, and in this way to play a leading role in global integration by making use of contemporary education standards and methods in a modern university administrative model.

To bring up new generations as constructive, creative, modern, who believed in the principles of a democratic and a secular state, considerate to human rights, conscious of their national identity, faithful to their moral values, stable and healthy in terms of body, mind, spirit, morality and feeling, having social responsibility.

To contribute to the processes of democratization and transition to market economy by making use of the experiments in modernization and market economy of the developed countries.

To assist the improvements in scientific literature and experiments in the world with its investments in research and developments as well as scientific technology.

To educate the young people of the Turkic countries as individuals, who are devoted to their national values, equipped with universal qualifications and views. In this way, they will be accomplished to be distinguished members of the international communities.

To bring up the new generations as men who are perfect in every field, self-confident, equipped with a multidimensional and critical approach, easily adaptable to the society in constant change and development, respectful to the rules of democratic way of living, participant, can undertake risk, ready for cooperation, tolerant, freemen, creative, researcher, having artistic sensitivity, always ready to learn.

To train them as specialists having B.A and M.A. degrees in the direction of social necessities.


Department of History

Department of Turkology

Department of Social Sciences Institution and Education


Department of Economics

Department of Management

Department of Public Finance


Department of Journalism

Department of Public Relations and Advertisement

Department of Radyo TV and Cinema


Department of Computer

Department of Ecological Engineering

Department of Food Engineering

Department of Sciences


The university library is equipped with modern aids and facilities for study. It is an ideal of the university to supply the most needed books, periodicals and other materials required by the scholars in different fields, researchers and the students. The library is getting enriched day by day by new materials bought or donated. It contains over 50 thousand books, a great number of dictionaries, encyclopedias, periodicals and audiovisual teaching materials. In the library, which has “E-LIBS” program, there are sections of Resource circulations, Reference, Supply, Catalogue and Classification.

In addition to the main library, The College of Modern Languages and the student dormitory onCal campus have their own libraries. The address of the web page of the library is http://library.manas.kg


Video club in the library with cabins for ten persons helps the students improve their listening and comprehension skills during their free times out of classes. There are documentary films and cassettes, which make known Turkish culture and history.


The students in their spare time make use of internet service in the internet cafe containing six computers.

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