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The USA Defeat in Tabas Desert

(5 Ordibehesht 1959 / 25 April 1980)

The fifth of Ordibehesht (25 of April) is the anniversary of an important event in Tabas. On this day theUSA army which has sent its forces to post-revolutionIran to make its 49 hostages free was defeated through an operation calledOperation Eagle Claw (orOperation Evening Light)

The year before this, on the 13th of Aban in 1358 (the 4th of November in 1979) some of students invaded theUSA embassy in Tehran. They kept the stuff as their hostages. They wanted that the USA government to deliver the former king ofIran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who had been fallen on 22nd of Bahman in 1357 (10th of February in 1979) for trail. Six month later on 4th of Ordibehesht in 1359 (24th April in 1980), the USA government sent some of military forces toIran secretly in order to make the hostages free and transfer them to America.

The first base and in fact where theUS planes and helicopters landed was westdesert ofTabas (at a distance of 120 Km from Tabas) near Robat-e-Khan village. At dawn (5th of Ordibehesht or 25 of April) while fuelling, two planes of US army collided in the midst of sandstorm in boundless Tabas desert and exploded.

When Jimmy Carter, theUS President, who was conducting the activities directly by satellite, observed this unexpected event which caused four riflemen to be killed, ordered them to cease the operation and go back toAmerica.

Therefore, this strange and unbelievable event was recorded as a defeat in the history of US operations and after that each year on the 5th of Ordibehesht the name of Tabas was seen on the telexes of world news agencies.

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