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Doors of Knowledge of Ahl-ul-Bayt (A.S): Part 3

 ah-ul-bayt (a.s)

Awareness of Mortalities and Calamities

Imam Ali (A.S): We from a family whose members are taught awareness of mortalities, calamities and genealogies: I swear by Allah if one of us stands at a bridge and this nation parade before him he will tell them their names and lineage.

Imam Reza (A.S) - in a letter to Abd Allah ibn Jundab-: And then, Muhammad (PBUH) was Allah's trustee among the people and when he passed away we, the Ahl-ul-Bayt, became his inheritors and now we are Allah's trustees on the earth and are aware of mortalities and calamities and the genealogies of Arabs and the birthplace of Islam is with us.

Awareness of what is in the Heavens and on the Earth

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH): No bird's wings will flap in the air of which we are not aware.

Abu Hamzah: I heard Imam al-Baqir (A.S) say: Nay, I swear by Allah, it is never likely that a scholar be ignorant, having knowledge on something and being ignorant on another. Then he said: Allah is too Great, Noble, and Honorable to ordain as obligatory the obedience of a servant [the Imam] who is not aware of the heavens and the earth. Then he added: These are not hidden to him [the Imam].

Awareness of what Allah Creates at Night and Daytime

Salama ibn Muhriz: I heard Imam al-Baqir (A.S) say: Among the sciences that are granted to us are the interpretation of the Holy Qur'an and its ordinances, the science of changes of time, and its adversities. Whenever Allah wills goodness for a folk He makes them hear it and if someone fails to hear he turns his face away as if he has not heard at all. The Imam (A.S) remained silent for a while and then said: If we found a confidant [of our secrets] or a trusted person we would certainly tell him (the truths), and it is Allah that all are seeking assistance from.

Humran ibn A'yan: I said to Imam al-Sadiq (A.S): Are Torah and Bible and Psalm and whatever existed in the early Scriptures, namely, those of Ibrahim and Musa with you? The Imam (A.S) said: Yes. I asked: Is it the very Great knowledge (al-Ilm al-Akbar)? He replied: O Humran, yes if it were restricted to this, but our knowledge to what Allah brings up at night and in daytime is greater.


Ah-ul-Bayt (A.S) in the Holy Qur'an and Hadith

By: Ayatullah Muhammadi Rayshahri

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