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Helwan University



Helwan University was founded onJuly 26th, 1975 as a result of the development of some higher technical institutes which had been affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education. It comprises some of the oldest educational institutions inEgypt, dating back to the early eighteenth century. Helwan University is considered a unique model among Egyptian Universities as it encompasses Arts, Fine arts, Applied arts, Art education, Music education and Physical Education Faculties.

Under - graduate Studies:

Helwan University accepts students from all over the world under the conditions specified by the "Egyptian University Admission Bureau", which receives the applications every year at August with prior notice. Applicants must have a High school certificate fromEgypt or from abroad. Student must send his/her application with needed papers, and he/she must write his/her desired faculties in priority manner. The faculty/institute, which the student will be enrolling in, will notify him/her about that in the beginning of the Egyptian Academic Year at September.

Post - graduate Studies:

All the faculties in Helwan University offer post-graduate degrees (Diplomas - M.Sc. - Ph.D.) Each According to specific criteria.


Student Union:

They are a group of students that forms an organization in order to help other students and raise their cultural and academic level.


Helwan University organizes a lot of camps for students in different places inside Egypt, which helps them to know their country well and share some activities between them.

Cultural Events:

There are some events that students make to increase their capability of helping their society and enhancing their way of thinking. Students will have the chance to participate in the cultural activities.


Students can join many sports like Football, Basketball, Handball, Speedball, tennis, Ping Pong, Fighting games ......etc.Helwan University has the honor to take first places in many sports.


Faculty of Engineering at Helwan

Faculty of Engineering at Mataria

Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty of Applied Arts

Faculty of Art Education

Faculty of Music Education

Faculty of Physical Education (Men)

Faculty of Physical Education (Girls)

Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration

Faculty of Home Economic

Faculty of Social Work

Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Arts 

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Information and Computer Sciences

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