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  • 4/6/2005

Biographical information

Last/Family nameSHEIKHAKBARIZADEH     

First/Given nameArezoo

Date of birth08 . 12 . 1986

Place of birth Kerman

Passport Number I 7618567

Supporter Herself

Name of Invention(s):          

Effect of rabbit rennet on wound healing and making apparatus measuring elasticity resistant of skin.

Description of invention(s)

In this plan effect of rennet on wound healing isstudied and histopatology assessment are carried out in histopatology we used H-E method and in biomechanic elacticitymeter set and based on result achieved effect of rennet and phenitoin ointment were equall so we can use rabbit rennet as an effective healing agant.

More information about invention(s)

Patent registered in Department for Industrial Ownership & Companies Registration inIRAN

5th Kharazmi Young Festival in IRAN (2003)


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