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  • 4/6/2005

Biographical information

Last/Family name KHAZEN 

First/Given name Anahita 

Date of birth  06 . 09 . 1985

Place of birthKaraj  

Passport Number C 6635243

Supporter Herself

Name of Invention(s):          

New software & Hardware system for accounting to be used by the blind

Description of invention(s)

This system works on outrun basis. All movements are controlled though intermediate or tab switches and there is no need to mouse movement on monitor. The ehole accounting operating is done by this speaking system. At the end the correctness of the operation is announced to the user by this speaker system. The speaking system can be provided in several languages spoken across the world.

More information about invention(s)

Patent registered in Department for Industrial Ownership & Companies Registration inIRAN


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