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  • 4/6/2005

Biographical information

Last/Family nameROOZBAN

First/Given name Pourya

Date of birth 10 . 09 . 1985

Place of birth Tehran

Passport Number G 1376176

Supporter Azad University of Qazvin

Name of Invention(s):          

Intelligent alarm system for the deaf

Description of invention(s)

This system is adevice for converting the sounds and signals to graphic and written message (LCD) and sensible alarm. Enabling the deaf to avoid the hazardous events and it’s advantag is: comfortable and handy for deaf, low power use, graphic (LCD) and high sensitivity.

More information about invention(s)

Patent registered in Department for Industrial Ownership & Companies Registration inIRAN

Top rank in the provinces in the 5th Kharazmi Young Festival in IRAN

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