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Espidan Village

espidan village

The village of Espidan is located 45 km south east of Bojnurd – the center of North Khorassan province – in a beautiful valley and is surrounded by high mountains. Espidan Village has moderate mountainous weather; it is over 8 centuries old and is considered as one of the famous villages of North Khorassan province. The mausoleum of Muhammad-ebn-e-Baqir, a descendant of Imam Musa Kazem (PBUH), together with the old texture of the village indicate its oldness. The people of Espidan village speak Turkish language and are Shiite Muslims. Raising crops, animal husbandry, gardening and handicrafts are the major sources of income for the inhabitants of the village.

Passing through the west part of the village, Espidan River has caused added to the freshness and vividness of the area. The banks of the river and gardens nearby are suitable places for tourists to camp. Grapes, cherry, apricot, walnut and almond are among the garden products of Espidan village. Especially the walnut from Espidan is of top quality in the province and is exported to Mashhad and Tehran. Walnut jam is considered one of the souvenirs of this village. As well as working in agriculture and animal husbandry the villagers of Espidan are also skilled in weaving rugs and a special cloth, and making woodcraft and pottery. Sparse Caspian forests have made the heights around the village remarkably beautiful. These heights are the habitats of a variety of animals and birds such as deer, partridge and boar and also suitable places for mountain climbing, rock climbing and caving. A mineral water spring and Honarvar waterfall, 3 km from the village, are regarded as other natural attractions of the village.

The architecture of Espidan village has special features. A part of the residential buildings of the village is built as terraces on the mountain slope. The mountain and huge rocks function as a fence in some of the houses. Most of the houses have two stories with long wooden balconies, flat roofs and walls covered with clay. Paths of the village are steep, narrow and sinuous. In fact the traditional architecture of the village is in harmony with natural environment. Due to beautiful nature and pleasant climate lots of tourists visit Espidan village in spring and summer therefore some of the villagers let their houses.

Source: irib.ir

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