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Imam Ali bin Hossein (PBUH) and Hasham

After committing crimes for many long years, Abdul Malik passed away and his son hasham was enthroned in his father's place. One day, he traveled to Mecca in the Hajj season so as to perform Hajj (as per his own version). That was to deceive the simple-minded people. He wanted to perform circumambulation but he could not do it, because there was such a big and huge gathering. So he was forced to sit in a corner to wait for the huge crowd and gathering to get thin. All of a sudden Imam Sajjad (A.S.) arrived to the Haram and people recited benediction for him, and cleared the way for him. He, after performing circumambulation moved towards the Hajar ul Aswad (the black stone) to rub his hand on it. Hasham witnessed this scene and was greatly annoyed and uncomfortable. He said with carelessness and inattentively "who is this man"? "I do not know him?"

Farzdak who was a freedom-loving poet at once turned his face towards Hasham and said, "Oh Hasham I am surprised why you do not recognize him? If you do not know him, I know him very well. Listen, so that I introduce him to you."

He is someone that theland of Mecca and the House of the God know him. "He is the one whose grandfather is the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) of Islam. God keeps on bestowing his benediction and blessings upon them continuously. He is the son of the best of the servants of God. He is that famous and well known pious. When you say you do not know him this thing does not harm him. If you do not know him (so what) the Arab and Ajam (Non Arab World) knows him."

Hasham was very enraged and got highly flared up by the words of Farzdak, and ordered him to be imprisoned. The Imam (A.S.) sent him a gift in the prison and appreciated his inconveniences. One day he got freed from the prison.

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