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Zavarem or Dasht-e-Behesht Village

zavarem or dasht-e-behesht village

Today's first village is called Zavarem or Dasht-e-Behesht that is located 28 km south east of Shirvan and 83 km away from Bojnurd, the center of North Khorasan Province. Enjoying moderate mountainous weather, the village is located 1300 meters above sea level. Zavarem River flowing through this village is abundant in water.

Having been the residence of the Khans, Zavarem has a history of seven hundred years. Naser-e-Din Shah, one of the Qajar rulers, has mentioned Zavarem in his travelogue and has also given details of his observations.

The Dast Riz Ark and Qizlar Qal’a are two symbols of Zavarem's antiquity. The natives of this village who speak Kurdish, Turkish and Farsi languages, are Shiite Muslims.

The income source of most inhabitants of the village is crop and animal husbandry, gardening and handicrafts. Irrigated and dry-land farming are practiced in this village. Some of the agricultural products of which mention are wheat, barley, potato, beet and cucumber. Grape, cherry, apricot, peach, almond and raisin are among the orchard products of this village.

Breeding cattle and sheep is also common and meat and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, butter, dried whey, and Doogh or sour milk are produced in the village, too.

Various medicinal and edible plants including chicory, wild thyme, milk-vetch and cumin grow in the proximity of the village which are sold in markets after being gathered and processed by the village. The essence or water of forty herbs is one of the medicinal products of Zavarem village, and it is used for curing diseases. Women of the village practice carpet weaving as well as cooperating in agricultural activities.

Zavarem village, with a dense residential texture, sits on a gentle slope. Brimful springs and green orchards in the old context of the village have added to its beauty. The shapes of houses and the function of their internal spaces are influenced by the villagers' activities and life style. The roofs are gabled, and the walls are usually covered with clay. Mud, rock, adobe and wood are the materials used in the old buildings, while in the construction of new houses cement, bricks, steel beams and chalk are used.

Zavarem village offers various natural tourist attractions. Its summer resort covers an expanse of 25 km from Zavarem valley to Takht Mirza and Shakhri mountains. In this region springs, waterfalls, ponds, high mountains, orchards, rivers, meadows and various edible and medicinal herbs offer beautiful natural sceneries.

Zavarem River stems from the springs of the Takht Mirza Mountains and waters the fields and gardens of Zavarem and several other villages on its course. This river flows into the Atrak River and its banks are ideal for tourists. Ochdushi is also one of the resorts of the Zavarem village. In this area there are three springs which gush forth on the slopes of the mountain down to the valley. The area around these springs is green and beautiful.

The two springs of Damchi and Yakhdan, the latter also known as Yakhdan Mineral Water, are also regarded as natural attractions of Zavarem.

Shakhri region, with its variety of trees and gardens of walnut trees and other types of fruit, is among the places people summer in. There are a number of springs with much water in Shakhri and this is why the region has once been a summer resort for rich people. Remnants of towers and fortifications and ruined houses can be seen in this region. The region is accessible through 15 kilometers of arduous but green valleys. Qizlar Qal’a, hard to reach and with thick stone walls, is a strong, unconquerable castle built on the loftiest point of the village heights. Citadel hill and the old mosque are among other historical places of the village. In the ceremonies held in the region of Shirvan and Zavarem village, players of do-tar instrument called "Bakhshi," perform music. Bachukhe wrestling is a local game of the village performed in the festivals and happy occasions. It's good to know that Zavarem village is accessible from the city of Shirvan through an asphalted convenient road.

Source: irib.ir

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