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Akdeniz University



The main goal of our university is to provide higher-education which includes vocational schools, bachelor degree, master degree, doctorate and medical doctorate to meet the qualified person needs of our country. Besides Akdeniz University aims to constitute a research field, to encourage the projects in basic and practical sciences and to make known the products through the science world to contribute science in a global way. The universal and the local dimensions of scientific researches are observed. Akdeniz University wants its higher education students to be sofisticated, democratic, peaceful, to guard the national, cultural and global values, talented in solving problems, and to have a futuristic vision. Akdeniz University is aware that the higher education does not only provide an expertise for a profession. We are aware that the world we are living in is a changing world and the information also changes rapidly so that reveals a truth. Continual education is as important as the higher education.

Moreover our university aims to provide education by means of organizing certificate programs to contribute the economy and the culture of the region. Akdeniz University is in favour of observing and producing idea and knowledge for every kind of universal, national; environmental, social, political problems. To realize this, our university gives the most importance to the love of human being, environment, and nature, to human rights, democratic principles, and individual and social peace principles.

Our History

Akdeniz University was founded in 1982 in Antalya and was comprised of  the higher education institutions established in Antalya, Isparta and Burdur. In 1992 our University turned over the institutions located out of Antalya to Süleyman Demirel University. And now we have 12 faculties working;

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Burdur Veterinary Faculty

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Communication

Faculty of Aqua Cultures

Faculty of Theology

There are 4 Vocational Schools activating within Akdeniz University at the level of bachelor degree. These are:

School of Tourism and Hotel Administration

Vocational School of Training and Sports

Antalya Vocational School of Health

Akseki Vocational School of Health

There are 8 Vocational Schools established in Antalya and in it’s districts which give 2 year of education. These are:

Vocational School of Technıcal Scıences

Vocational School of Social Sciences

Vocational School of Health Services

Elmalı Vocational School

Kumluca Vocational School

Korkuteli Vocational School

Serik Vocational School

Akseki Vocational School

There are 4 graduate schools in Akdeniz University giving education at the level of master degree and doctorate. These are:

Institute of Health Sciences

Institute of Science

Institute of Social Sciences

Institute of Fine Arts

Office of Press and Public Relations

The office of Press and Public Relations of Akdeniz University was established in 1986. Public Relations is a necessity for the time we are living in. Our Public Relations office aims to make known our university’s social, cultural and scientific activities world wide in various ways.

In order to announce the activities, organisations held by our university our public relations office publishes every month a publication which is called “Akdeniz University Bulletin”.

To prepare introduction films and catalogs; to organize press meetings, to prepare press bulletins, to organize meetings and conferences, to communicate with press institutions, to represent our university in exhibitions and fairs, to organize programs for the guests come to know our university are all among Public Relations Office’s missions.


1.     Faculty of Medicine

2.     Faculty of Agriculture

3.      Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Department of Archeology

Department of Biology

Department of Physics

Department of Chemistry

Department of Mathematics

Department of History

Department of Sociology

Department of Ancient Period Languages and Cultures

4.     Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Department of Economics

Department of Business Management

Department of Public Administration

Department of Public Finance

Department of International Relations

5.      Faculty of Fine Arts

Department of Painting

Department of Sculpture

Department of Graphic Arts

Department of Ceramics

Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

6.      Faculty of Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

7.      Burdur Faculty of Veterinary

8.      Faculty of Law

9.      Faculty of Communication

Department of Public Relations and Presentation

10.  Faculty of Aqua Culture

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