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Letter of Security

A voice was heard from the back of tents of Imam Hossein (PBUH). It was the voice of Satan, the Slinking Whisperer, Shemr saying: Where are my nephews? He called Abalfazl and his three brothers. He had brought letter of security for them.

Once more in the past, Shemr, the uncle of Abalfazl, had brought a letter of security for him from Bin Ziyad, governor of Kufa, but he had rejected it politely. This time he wanted to separate him from the group of Imam’s companions.

At first, Abbas did not pay any heed to the voice, because he knew the owner of voice and his purpose. Imam Hossein (PBUH) said: Abbas, my brother! Although he is an evil-doer, but reply him and listen to what he says.

Abbas, together with his three brothers, came out from the tent. Shemr submitted to Abbas the letter of security which he had taken from Bin Ziyad for them, and said: If you leave Hossein and come to us, your life will be secured.

Abbas, who was so angry for such a big rudeness and insolence, looked at Shemr wrathfully and shouted:

Curse, wrath and damnation of God unto you and your security! May your hands be broken, O vile uninhibited man! Do you want us to leave alone Hossein, son of Fatima, the most honorable warrior in the path of God, and accept submission and obedience to the accursed and the vile? Do you bring for us security, while the son of Prophet is not secure?!

It has been narrated somewhere else that he said: God’s security is better than that of 'Ubayd-Allah.

The evil-doer returned ashamed and failed. Shemr was going to attract Abbas to weaken the host of Hossein bin Ali (PBUH), and also strengthen Kufa front. Undoubtedly, Abbas was a valorous warrior, and symbol of Ali’s (PBUH) wrath. His presence among the companions ofLord of Martyrs was very critical and fortified them. But the enemies of truth and followers of falsehood are always fool and blind-hearted. Is it possible to think that Abbas leaves alone the son ofFatima at these crucial and fateful moments and on the threshold of a magnificent martyrdom, and cause his deprivation from an eternal felicity!

Shemr went and Abbas bin Ali came to Imam. Then, Zohair said to Abbas: Do you want me to narrate a story for you and repeat what I myself heard?

Abbas said: yes.

Zohair bin Qeyr related the story of Ali’s request from Aqil for introducing to him a lady from the tribe of brave men to give birth to a son for him, and added: Your father, Ali, wanted to reserve you for such a day. Beware not to spare in helping and supporting your brothers!

Abbas replied: Are you going to encourage and give hope to me? By God, today I will exhibit what you have never seen, and will create an epic which you have never heard ….

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