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Dispersal of Gems (Part 3)

imam jafar sadiq (a.s)

59- A friend is tested through three matters. If he does them then he is a true friend, otherwise he is false. You should ask him for some money, deposit some money with him, and cause him to participate in an unfavorable matter.

60- If people are saved from three things, they will be saved comprehensively: the obscene tongues, the bad hands, and the bad deeds.

61- A master will never feel quiet if his servant does not enjoy one of three characters: a religion that guides him (to the right), mannerism that makes him polite, and fear that precludes him (from committing evildoings).

62- Man needs three characters in order to live peacefully in his house with his dependents. He should stick himself to them even if they are not his nature: nice association, moderate affluence, and reasonable jealousy.

63- Every craftsman requires three characters without which he will not get earnings: skillfulness of his craft, fulfillment of the trusts, and attracting the customers.

64- The mind of him who suffers one of three misfortunes will surely be missing: a departing grace, an immoral wife, and a disaster in a dear person.

65- Courage depends upon three characters each of which has an advantage that the others do not have: generosity of souls, refusal of humility, and seeking fame. If a hero has these characters together, he will be the unbeatable champion and the most famous intrepid. If he enjoys them all in different degrees, he will be more courageous and more intrepid.

66- Three matters are obligatory upon sons regarding their parents: showing gratitude to them for any situation, obeying them in every matter they order or warn against except acts of disobedience to Allah, and advising them secretly and openly.

67- Three matters are obligatory upon fathers regarding their sons: choosing good mother, choosing good name, and exaggerative discipline.

68- Brothers are in need of three characters so that their fraternity will endure lest, they will differ and hate each other: treating each other fairly, treating each other mercifully, and avoiding envy.

69- Relatives will surely suffer weakness of their enemies if they ignore three matters: they should avoid envying each other so that they will not be various parties and, accordingly, lack unity, should exchange visits so that they will enjoy intimacy, and should cooperate so as to gain strength.

70- Husbands should never dispense with three matters in the course of their relations with their wives: they should use adaptability so as to gain the wives` compliance, amiability, love, and morality, should use good demeanor as a means of gaining their love, and should improve their livelihood.

71- Wives should never dispense with three characters in the course of their relations with their good-natured husbands: they should guard themselves against any filth so that they win their husbands` confidence in good and bad situations, should take care of them so that this will save them when they make a fault, and should show love to them through coquetry and good appearance.

72- Favor is not perfect without three matters: it is not perfect unless it is done as early as possible, regarded as little even if it is much, and not regarded as an obligation on the one to whom it is done.

73- Pleasure is in three matters only: in loyalty, fulfillment of rights, and offering help in misfortunes.

74- The evidence on judiciousness of views is three matters: good reception, good listening, and good response.

75- Men are three: intelligent, foolish, and wicked. The intelligent is that who replies when he is addressed, is right when he speaks, and understands when he listens. The foolish is that who rushes when he speaks, stuns when he talks, and does evil when he is incited. The wicked is that who betrays when he is entrusted and insults when he talks.

76- Brothers are on three categories: one is like food that you need every time. This is the intelligent. The other is like the malady. This is the foolish. The third is like remedy. This is the shrewd.

77- Three things confirm the status of their chooser: the messenger shows the status of his selector, the gift shows the status of its chooser, and the book refers to the status of its writer.

78- Knowledge is three: a decisive Verse, a fair duty, and a practiced tradition.

79- People are of three categories: an ignorant that refuses learning, a scholar whose knowledge weakens him, and an intelligent who works for this world as well as the world to come.

80- Strangeness is absent in three characters: good mannerism, abstinence of harm, and evasion of suspect.

81- Days are three: one is past and unattainable, another is present and should be used, and the third is not coming yet, and people have its hope only.

82- Faith will not promote those who do not enjoy three characters: clemency with which ignorance is refuted, piety that prevents from seeking the prohibited things, and ethics with which people are treated courteously.

83- The faith of those who enjoy three characters is perfect: they are those whose rage does not take them out of the right, whose satisfaction does not take to the wrong, and who pardon when they are powerful.

84- The people of this world need three characters: luxury without tiredness, abundance with satisfaction, and courage without laziness.

85- The intelligent should never forget three things: the expiry of this world, the change of conditions, and the unexpected disasters. - Faith, intelligence, and painstaking are three matters that are not perfect in anybody.

86- Brothers are of three kinds: one is that who offers his soul for you and the other offers his wealth for you. These two kinds of brothers are genuine. The third is that who takes from you what he wants and needs you for enjoyment. You should not reckon him with the trustful (friends).

87- The servants will not attain the reality of faith before they enjoy three characters: knowledge of religion, moderation of livelihood, and steadfastness against misfortunes. All power belongs to Allah the Most High the Great.

Source:Tuhaf al-Uqool

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