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Dispersal of Gems (Part 2)

imam jafar sadiq (a.s)

30- Favors will not remain unless three characters are enjoyed: knowledge of matters that is incumbent for Allah the Praised in regard to the favors, showing gratitude for them, and avoidance of finding faults with them.

31- If you are inflicted with one of three matters, you will hope were you dead ceaseless, poverty, scandalous indignity, and overcoming enemy.

32- He who refuses three will be inflicted with three: he who refuses safety will be inflicted with disappointment, he who refuses a favor will be inflicted with sorrow, and he who refuses having many friends will be inflicted with loss.

33- It is obligatory upon everyone to avoid three matters: associating with the evildoers, talking with women, and sitting to the heretic people.

34- Generosity is proved through three matters: well mannerism, suppression of anger, turning the sight - from the forbidden views.

35- He who trusts three is cheated: he who believes the impossible, depends upon the distrustful, and acts greedily upon what he does not possess.

36- He who uses three characters is spoiling his religion and his world: he who mistrusts everything, believes every matter he hears, and accepts to be controlled by his wife.

37- The best rulers are those who enjoy three characters: kindness, generosity, and justice.

38- Rulers should never neglect three matters: protecting the borders, looking closely into the affairs of the subjects, and selecting the virtuous for the official jobs.

39- Three matters are obligatory upon the rulers` friends and subjects: the obedience to them, advising them in their presence and absence, and supplicating to Allah to give them victory and goodness.

40- Three matters are obligatory on the rulers for both the chiefs and the subjects: they must reward the doers of charity perfectly so that they will be urged doing charity increasingly, cover up the wrongdoers` deeds so that they will repent and stop bad behavior, and combine all the subjects with fairness and justice.

41- Three kinds of people will surely worsen if the rulers neglect them: a mischievous lazy individual who strays from the commons, a caller to a heresy whose slogan is enjoining good and forbidding evil, and people of a city who vote for a chief who prevents the ruler from applying the laws to them.

42- The intelligent should not underestimate anybody. The most people whom should never be underestimated are three. The scholars, the rulers, and the friend. He who underestimates his friends will spoil his personality.

43- The clique of the rulers is of three classes. One is charitable. It is the blessing of the ruler as well as the subjects. The second is caring for guarding what is in their hand only. They are neither praised nor dispraised. Yet, they are nearer to censure. The third is the vicious they are doomed. The ruler is dispraised because of the existence of such a class.

44- All people are in need of three things: security, justice, and fertility.

45- Three persons disturb the life: the unjust ruler, the bad neighbor, and the bad-tongued wife.

46- Residence is valueless without three things: gentle wind, profuse fresh water, and a productive land.

47- Three matters result in sorrow: boasting, Pride and competition in power.

48- Three characters are stuck to son of Adam: envy, acquisitiveness, and appetite.

49- If one of three characters is found in an individual, he will have them all in his excellence, solemnity, and beauty. They are piety, clemency, and bravery.

50- He whom is given three characters will be perfect: intelligence, beauty, and eloquence.

51- Three characters beget deprivation: insistence in beggary, backbiting, and mockery.

52- The end of three matters is bad: the heroes` attack during wars in inappropriate opportunities even if they triumph, to have medicine while enjoying good health even safety is gained, and to ask the rulers even if they settle the needs.

53- Every man claim accuracy of three matters: his religion, his whim that overcomes him, and his policy of life.

54- People are of three classes: obeyed masters, equal individuals, and opposed people.

55- The pillars of this world are three: fire, salt, and water.

56- He who seeks three things wrongly will be deprived of three things fairly: he who seeks the worldly pleasures wrongly will be deprived of the world to come fairly, he who seeks leadership wrongly will be deprived of to come fairly, and he who seeks fortunes wrongly will be deprived of having it permanently fairly.

57- The strong-minded individuals should not do three matters: they should not have poison as an experiment even if they will be saved, should not tell their envious kinsmen of their secrets even if they will not divulge, and should not work in seas even if their richness lies there.

58- People of any town should not dispense with three individuals for seeking their opinion regarding the affairs of their living and religion. If they lack the existence of such individuals, they will be regarded as uncivilized. Those are a pious knowledgeable jurist, an obeyed virtuous ruler, and a trustful erudite physician.

Source:Tuhaf al-Uqool

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