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Dispersal of Gems (Part 1)

imam jafar sadiq (a.s)

Some of the Shias name the following words of Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S) as "Dispersal of Gems":

1- Inconsiderate judgment causes discrepancy, criticism causes enmity, lack of tolerance causes scandal, divulgement of secrets causes meanness, generosity causes cleverness, and niggardliness is inadvertence.

2- To adhere to Allah, satisfy with His act, and trust Him-these three matters gather the good of this world and the world to come for him whoever holds fast to them.

3- He who neglects three characters will be deprived: They are to ask from the generous, associate with the scholars, and attract the attention of the powerful.

4- Religiousness, modesty, and generosity-these three matters bring about the affection of others

5- He who disavows three will attain three: he who disavows evil will attain dignity; he who disavows arrogance will attain nobility; he who disavows niggardliness will attain honor.

6- Three characters bring about hatred: hypocrisy, oppression, and self-conceit.

7- He who does not have one of three characters is not regarded as noble: they are a mind that beautifies him, a fortune that dispenses him of people, or a clan that supports him.

8- Envy, tale bearing, frivolity-these three matters cause degradation.

9- Three characters are not known only in three situations: the clement are known only in situations of rage, the courageous are known only in wars, and brothers are known only in situations of neediness.

10- He whoever enjoys three characters is certainly hypocrite even if he offers prayers and fasts: he who lies when he speaks, breaches his promises, and violates the trusts.

11- Beware of three categories of people: the traitor, the oppressor, and the talebearer. He who betrays others for your sake will surely betray you, he who oppresses others for your sake will surely oppress you, and he who bears others` news to you will surely bear your news to others.

12- No one should be regarded as trustful before he keeps three things: funds, secrets, and honors. He who keeps two and betrays a third is not trustful.

13- Do not consult the foolish, seek the help of the liar, or trust in the affection of the weary. The liar brings near the remote and makes the near remote, the foolish does his best for you but cannot attain anything, and the weary disappoints you in your most reliable matter and breaks your most associated matter.

14- Four things do not have sufficiency with four matters: the land never has its sufficiency from rainfall, the eye never has its sufficiency from looking, the female never has its sufficiency from the male, and the scholar never has his sufficiency from knowledge.

15- Four conducts bring old age before its time: they are eating dried meat, sitting on wetlands, scaling the stairs, and copulating with old women.

16- Women are of three categories: one is for you, the other is for you and against you, and the third is against you. The one that is for you is the virgin. The one that is for you and against you is the non-virgin. The one that is against you is the mother of sons of another man.

17- He who enjoys three characters is surely a master: they are suppression of the rage, pardoning the wrongdoings, and regard (others) by means of soul and property.

18- Three things will inevitably suffer three matters: the horse will inevitably suffer a stumble, the sword will inevitably suffer a false strike, and the wise will inevitably suffer a slight fault.

19- Eloquence is in three matters: to approach the intended meaning, evade surplus wording, and explain big meanings with little words.

20- Safety lies in three matters: controlling the tongue, extent of the house, and feeling sorry for the faults.

21- Ignorance is in three matters; change of the friends, unproved seclusion, and spying on unconcerned affairs.

22- He who enjoys three characters will suffer from their bad turns: they are evil plots, breach, and rebellion. This is proved through Allah`s sayings:

Evil plots only affect the plotters. Holy Qur`an 35:43

Consider the result of their plot. We destroyed them and their people altogether. Holy Qur`an 27:51

As for those who disregard their pledge, they do so only against their own souls. Holy Qur`an 48:10) and

People, your rebellion will only harm yourselves. You may enjoy the worldly life. Holy Qur`an 10:23

23- Three matters stop man from seeking rise: they are lack of self-determination, lack of management, and lack of opinion.

24- Determination should be in three matters: they are serving the powerful, obeying the father, and submission to the master.

25- Amiability is found with three individuals: they are the compliant wife, the pious son, and the good friend.

26- He whom is given three characters will obtain three things: satisfaction with what is given, despair of what is in people`s possession, and avoidance of curiosity.

27- Generosity is worthless unless three characters are done: being openhanded in situations of prosperity and dearth, giving to the deservers, and believing that the thanks that he received from those whom he endowed is more valuable than what he had given to them.

28- Man is not excused in three matters: counseling with the well-wishers, treating the envious courteously, and showing affection to people.

29- Intelligence cannot be attained unless three matters are achieved: submission to the right whomever its party is, acceptance for people whatever is accepted for oneself, and treating the wrongdoer considerately.

Source:Tuhaf al-Uqool

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