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K.N.Toosi University of Technology



K.N.ToosiUniversity of Technology is one of the largest academic and technological institution in Tehran and one of the best known throughout the country. In all its programs, undergraduate and graduate, K.N.Toosi University of Technology endeavors to provide an environment to promote a high level of professional preparation and performance for students from various backgrounds and areas of the country.

It also establishes high promoting inter-academic relations with distinguished home and foreign institutions on the basis of exchange agreements. Publishing books and journals and holding national and international conventions and conferences are among the other objectives of the University.


K.N.TOOSIUniversity of Technology has been named after a thirteenth century Iranian Scholar "Khadjeh Nassir-Al-Deen Toosi". This scholastic figure has promoted a genuine school of thought in philosophy, and was a historian and an astronomer. Among other things, he built an observatory and a library containing more than 40,000 books.

The university was originally established in 1928 in Tehran and named "Institute of Communications". It was later expanded with an Electronic and Electrical Power Engineering department. The department of Civil Engineering was founded in 1955 as an institute of Surveying. This institute was later joined by the institutes of Hydraulic Engineering and Structural Engineering. The department of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1973. These institutes of higher education were formally integrated in 1980 and named "Technical and Engineering University Complex". As a general practice of paying tribute to the scientific and scholastic figures of the nation, the university was renamed in 1984"Khajeh Nassir-Al-Deen Toosi (K.N.Toosi) University of Technology". This university is officiated with the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education and all its levels of education are offered freely.

Ever since the foundation of this institute of higher education, new advanced and postgraduate programs have been initiated as needs have developed and as funds and facilities were made available. At present, the university offers bachelor's (B.S.) degrees in 12 and master's (M.S.) degrees in 13 academic fields. The courses offered have industrial orientation on a broad base. The university has 170 full-time faculty members. The total number of students is about 3,000.

Research Facilities

The main research facilities atK.N.TOOSIUniversity are:

·        Electron Microscope

·        Scalar Network Analyzer

·        Vector Network Analyzer

·        Spectrum Analyzer

·        Antenna Anechoic Chamber

·        Vacuum Coating System

·        Potential-Static

·        Gas Chromatograph

·        Wind Tunnel

These have been used for several successful industrial and defense projects.


Faculty of Civil Engineering

The educational activities of some of the courses in this faculty, like Surveying and Mapping, dates back to the years before the University was officially founded and some other courses, like water Engineering, have recently been established due to the needs of the whole country. This faculty contains 3 departments:

·        Civil Engineering

·        Water Engineering

With several laboratories, e.g.:

·        Materials Science

·        Heat Transfer

·        Thermal Machines

·        Thermodynamics

·        Fluid Mechanics

·        Strength of Materials

The Workshops are welding:

·        Metallurgy

·        Auto-mechanics

·        Machine Tools

·        Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Mailing Address: Valieasr St, Mirdamad Cross, ahead of Eskan Building

Faculty of Civil Engineering ofKhajeNasirUniversity,Tehran, Iran

Postcode: 19967-15433

Tel: +98 21 877 9474    Fax: +98 21 877 9476

Email: infoce@kntu.ac.ir

Website: http://www.kntu.ac.ir/facciveng

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

This faculty that is actually the core of the University has the reputation of being one of the best known and most powerful in the whole country. It enjoys the cooperation of eminent professors and scholars of high potentiality. It contains 5 departments:

·        Communications

·        Control

·        Electronics

·        Power

·        Biomedical engineering

·        Each group has several laboratories, e.g.:

·        Electronics

·        Antenna

·        Microwave

·        Control

·        Microprocessor

·        Digital and Electrical Machines

Mailing Address: SeiedKhandanBridge, Shariati St,

Faculty of Electrical Engineering ofKhajeNasirUniversity,

Tehran, Iran

Post Code: 14317-14191

Tel: +98 21 860 0075-9      Fax: +98 21 862 066

Email: infoee@kntu.ac.ir

Website: http://www.ee.kntu.ac.ir

Faculty of Industrial Engineering

This newly founded faculty (1998) was formerly joined with faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Due to the need for a better educational and research environment, it was reorganized in a new campus close to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering with new academic and administrative staff.

The faculty has a high potentiality for development in different fields of industry and is busily engaged with research and industrial firms. Currently, it consists of 2 departments:

Industrial Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Mailing Address: 24, Shahid Aghahi,Resalat Ave, Seied Khandan Bridge,

Faculty of Industrisal Engineering ofKhajeNasirUniversity,Tehran, Iran

Postcode: 16317-14191     P.O.Box: 16315-989

Tel: +98 21 868 265, +98 21 861 287  Fax: +98 21 865 031

Email: infoie@kntu.ac.ir

Website: http://www.kntu.ac.ir/facindeng/

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was officially established in 1973 and is one of the best-known Institutions of the sort in the country. There are 3 departments in this faculty:

Applied Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics

Solid Mechanics

Mailing Address: 4th Tehranpars Squ,east Vafadar St.,beside "SAZMAN GOOSHT", Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Khaje Nasir Toosi, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 21 888 2991-3, +98 21 888 1003

Fax: +98 21 888 2997

P.O.Box: 15875-4416

Tlx: 214230 UCET IR

Website: http://www.kntu.ac.ir/facmeceng/

Website: http://me.kntu.ac.ir/

Email: infome@kntu.ac.ir

Faculty of Science

The faculty contains 3 departments:




Along with some Educational centers for teaching, e.g.:




Physical Education

The faculty has also a large computer center and several laboratories in Physics and Chemistry, e.g.:






Modern Physics


Organic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Mailing Adrress: 41, Shahid Kavian St, Shahid Mojtabaie St,

Shariati Ave.,

Tehran 15418-49611, Iran

Tel: +98 21 285 3308-9, +98 21 285 0208, +98 21 285 8990

Fax: +98 21 285 3650

Website: http://www.kntu.ac.ir/facbassci/

Email: infosc@kntu.ac.ir

Faculty of Surveying Engineering

This Faculty that was separated from Civil Engineering Faculty in 2003 offers this courses now:

Bachelor  Degree

Master   Degree



Remote sensing


PhD.  Degree


Photogrammetry & Remote sensing

Mailing Address: Valieasr St,Mirdamad Cross, ahead of Eskan Building

Postcode: 19967-15433

Tel: +98 21 878 9473-5        Fax: +98 21 878 9476

Website: http://www.kntu.ac.ir/facsurvey/main/main_page.htm

Email: infose@kntu.ac.ir

Central Library

Periodical and Journal

 Theses and Reports

 Inter Library Document and Supply

 Purchasing and Acquisition

 Audio-visual Department

 Catalogue (books ,periodicals, theses...)

External Use

Internal Use

Electronic Journals (Full text subscriptions)

·        ACS

·        ASCE

·        ASME

·        IoP

·        Elsevier - ScienceDirect

·        SwetsWise Online Contents

Electronic Journals (Full Text)

·        Analysis

·        Applicable Algebra in Engineering ,Communication and Computing

·        Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing

·        Ergonomics

·        Experimental Mechanics

·        International Water Power and Dam Construction and Yearbook

·        Journal of Geodesy

·        Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology

·        Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry

·        Journal of the European Mathematical Society

·        SIMULATION: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation

·        The Photogrammetric Record


Astrophysics Data System (NASA)

Civil Eng. Database


ICONDA (Rose-Net)

NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS)


Regional library of science and technology

Useful Libraries links

·        Amazon

·        National Library of Iran

·        The Library of Congress

·        The British Library

·        Library Servers

·        http://ejournal.coalliance.org

·        Internet Public Library

·        Electronic Theses 

·        IDEAL


·       ISI-Journal lists

·        More links

·        Scientific Portal of Country

·        Scirus

·        Cressnet

·        Iran Doc

·        Ingenta

·        Daneshyar

·        Rose-Net


The Informatics and Computer Center (ICC) at K.N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU) acts under University’s vice-chancellorship of research.

Computer center of the K. N. Toosi University of Technology provides the facilities (Internet service, mail service ...) for all of the university members in support of their teaching, research, and administrative activities and to students in support of their respective academic objectives and requirements.

The ICC deals with all the computer services and Information Technology (IT) programs at the university.

Appropriate use of information technology includes, for example:

Respect for the rights of others

Respect for the property of others

Consideration of other persons using shared systems, equipment, and facilities

Confidentiality in use of passwords

A presumption of the right of privacy

Use of computer facilities for the purpose for which they are intended

Adherence to etiquette and culture as defined in systems that you use

Inappropriate use of information technology includes, for example:

Unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, removal, and/or disclosure of data, information, equipment, software, or systems

Interference with the processing of a system

Disclosure of confidential passwords and/or access information for accounts.

Use of university of facilities and resources for commercial purposes

Propagation of hate literature

Theft of resources

Malicious or unethical use

The main tasks of the ICC are:

 Providing and maintaining Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) of the of the university.

 Providing Internet facilities for different parts of the university.

 Designing and construction of the university Website.

 Providing on-line informational services.

 Cooperating with academic vice-chancellor for students' enrollment...

 Cooperating with the administrative and financial vice-chancellor, and to provide the payroll division with staff data on payments...

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