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Early in Bahman, 1357 the news concerning Imam Khomeini’s decision to return to the country was spread. Whoever heard this news shed tears of joy. The people had been waiting for 14 years. Immediately after his triumphant return, he addressed the millionic throng at Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery. The following area excerpts from his speech ... "We have suffered many disasters ... but during this period, big disasters but great victories have also been achieved ... I cannot compensate for all the damage done to this nation ... I lost everything. May God the Almighty reward it ... Muhammad Reza Pahlavi has gone ... He fled after destroying everything... He ruined our country and made our cemeteries flourish... Our agriculture is Wiped out... He kept our culture in a backward state... We have had universities for more than fifty years... Due to treason committed against us however, there has been no human development... .

"As regards oil, it has been given totally to foreigners whether to America or other countries.....If. God forbid, that man had remained on the throne for several more year." our oil reserves would have been exhausted... The blood of our young has been shed for these same causes and for freedom... We want a strong country with a stable and powerful system. We do not seek to reverse the system totally, in fact we want to maintain it, only let it be based on.

Imam Khomeini has been true to his words. Since the ousting of the Pahlavi regime and the establishment of an Islamic Republic in Iran, the government has acted towards the benefit of the people themselves. The system of Islamic government in Iran has not been estranged from the people in any way and has enjoyed their full support.

Development activities, under the circumstances have achieved wonders far beyond the realms of expectation, and the support of the people when fighting against the despotic regime of Iraq which imposed war upon them serves to show that their faith in the grace of Allah and the Imam’s guidance shall never flounder.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, having followed the guidance of Imam Khomeini, now has a strong and powerful system both at the national and international level. Islamic tenets and laws are referred to when policies and decisions are made in government and this at all times ensures that any activities or proposals carried out are in the interest of the people. The nations of the world shall be envited in future years, for having lived through this era of transition of the Islamic Revolution, for having experienced its glorious "Dawn" led by the most honorable Imam Khomeini.

Contrary to the views expressed by the Western media , the people of Iran have gained a new respect and dignity. They can proudly say that what they have is self-achieved that their modest dress is proper and is their cultural identity (and not an outdated custom), and that their values are Islamic and pure.

Imam Khomeini returned to Iran, from exile and brought with him the "Dawn of the Islamic Revolution," but now the light of the sun shines from the faces of those who have followed his guidance and accepted the tenets of Islam. The Islamic Republic of Iran like a beacon, shines out across the globe and embraces the oppressed.

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