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Bahman 1st 1357 /January 21st 1979

Bahman 2nd 1357 /January 2nd 1979

Bahman 3rd 1357 /January 23rd 1979

Bahman4th  1357 /24th January 1979

Bahman 5th 1357 /January 25th 1979

Bahman 6th 1357 /January 26th 1979

Bahman 7th 1357 / 27January 27th 1979

Bahman 8th 1357 /January 28th 1979

Bahman 9th 1357 /January 29th 1979

Bahman 10th 1357 /January 30th 1979

Bahman 11th 1357 /January 31st 1979

Bahman 12th 1357 /February 1st 1979

Bahman 1st 1357 /January 21st 1979

Kayhan and Ettela’at Newspapers titled: Imam Khomeini will pray in Tehran on Friday.

American Foreign Ministry Spokesman announced that we were trying to satisfy Ayatollah Khomeini to recognize Bakhtiar’s government.

Following Imam Khomeini’s summoning parliament and Monarch Assembly representatives, two M.A. members and 21 representatives resigned.

France Press: By monarchists threatening against Ayatollah Khomeini, the number of security guards of his house has increased.

France Press quoted from Bazargan: There’s a rather agreement among Bakhtiar and religious leaders.

(Bazargan corrected the above news through a letter to Kayhan newspaper: I don’t think Mr. Bakhtiar who is a patriot man, resist against Imam Khomeini and temporary government in a way that makes the army to interfere.)

Some of the air force members’ hunger strike in Hamedan and Dezfoul has still been continued.

London Radio” near 10000 college students and workers, carrying Ayatollah Khomeini’s pictures, demonstrated while some other tore these pictures. This is the first sign of opposition among anti-monarchists themselves a week after he leftIran.

(Imam Khomeini had warned about intriguing by the monarchists.)

The radio and television personnel proclaimed against Bakhtiar.

USSR warned about a coup in Iran.

Bahman 2nd 1357 /January 2nd 1979

Imam Khomeini’s Office inParis: Imam will leave Paris to Tehran on Thursday (Bahman 5th).

Bakhtiar: I won’t resign and will stay in my post. Also he denied resignation of two security assembly members.

The newspapers titled: Imam Khomeini’s arrival will be broadcasted live in television and radio.

Imam Khomeini announced that Mohammad Reza Shah must be given back to Iran to be tried in court. He added in an interview with German journalists: the contracts with foreign countries will be revised.

Ramsey Clark, America’s ex-minister of justice met Imam Khomeini as an independent individual. Later he said: Ayatollah Khomeini is a smart man who has the key for problems in Iran.

One of his fellows told Kayhan reporter; ayatollah Khomeini had sent three messages for the government of America. He wanted the government not to meddle inIran’s affairs.

The Field Marshal Nasiri, Savak ex-chief, was called for court.

Sahah leftEgypt to Marrakech. There was no official welcome in the airport. All the foreign reporters were kept in a hotel and not allowed to write about this journey.

4000 officers of air force started a hunger strike. They told that they wouldn’t support the coup.

A number of people gathered in Amjadieh Stadium in Tehran on behalf of Constitution and Bakhtiar.

Bahman 3rd 1357 /January 23rd 1979

Bakhtiar didn’t allow IRAN Air’s exclusive flight to Paris for Imam’s returning.

United Press: Dr. Yazdi told that HOMA flight didn’t fly to Paris, he would have asked Air France to take them to Iran.

According to striker employees and manager of radio and television, live Broadcasting of Imam’s arrival was confirmed.

Though the continuance of Military law in Qom, there’s no military forces and people have got the control of city.

America rejected receiving letters toIran.

Bahman 4th  1357 /24th January 1979

Ayatollah Khomeini in an interview with “Tempo”, published in Indonesia, said: Carter is the prime enemy ofIran’s people.

Mehr Abad Airport was occupied with armored vehicles and in order to avoid Imam’s arrival to Iran, the government closed airports for 3 days.

Mahdi Bazargan explained how Revolution Council and temporary Islamic Government would from: The characteristic of “democracy” must be added to Islamic Republic. He said in a news conference: Power transferring will be done through Revolution Council and temporary government forming and Referendum.

In objection to airport closing, the personnel of airport demonstrated and went to Ayatollah Taleqani’s house.

Foreign Ministry employees announced uniting with Iran people’s rise.

Shah refused traveling to America. Kayhan wrote according to some close sources to Shah, since Carter plans to support Ayatollah Khomeini, Shah will stay in Marrakech instead of traveling to America. On the other hand America had said that Shah is free to decide for traveling to America.

Bahman 5th 1357 /January 25th 1979

Despite preventions for Imam’s arrival by Bakhtiar and the dangers threatening him, Imam said: If I’m going to be killed, let it be among youth of Iran.

France Press: Bakhtiar said: “Ayatollah Khomeini is allowed to come to Tehran on Sunday” (8th Bahman). He added: “I’m ready to provide any concession within the framework of Constitution for Ayatollah Khomeini.”

Helicopter factory employees, threatened that the American employees must be fired, otherwise they would strike.

Bahman 6th 1357 /January 26th 1979

InParis, Imam announced that after reopening of the airports, he would return toIran.

National Security Council held a meeting by hearing Imam’s decision for returning. Then, the foreign Affairs Minister read a report evidenced that Shah evasion had performed with the agreement of America, England, France, and Germany and that he will not return.

Associated Press: Iranian Diplomats in Ottawa declared their support from Imam Khomeini in letter to Foreign Affairs Ministry. For supporting their colleagues inWashingtonD.C., they closed the embassy on Friday.

Bahman 7th 1357 / 27January 27th 1979

Imam in response to Bakhtiar’s request for a meeting wrote: I won’t accept him till he hasn’t resigned. What is said that I would accept him is just a lie.

Associated Press: Bakhtiar announced his trip to Paris will be for three days. He said that he didn’t know whether Ayatollah Khomeini returns to Iran.

Kissinger, former Foreign Minister of American said: “America had never had a more benefited devotee than Shah. We have been ignorant toward Iran”.

Bahman 8th 1357 /January 28th 1979

Warning Army in a speech inNoeffle LeShateu, Imam Khomeini said “I will return toIran as soon as possible and at the first level, I will establish a government based in people.

A great number of clergymen all over the country took refugee in University of Tehran in objection for airports closing and Imam’s arrival postponing.

RadioMoscow, Associated Press and newspapers: In the bloody demonstrations all over the country, many have been killed or wounded. While people were moving towardsuniversity of Tehran in Shah Reza St. to join the clergymen, were shot from the top floors of Gendarmerie Building, the Capital of Iran looks like a war trodden city. Many of global Press described if as Shahrivar 17th massacre.

Refah High School in Tehran was chosen to be the residence of Imam. Before that it was one of the cultural centers for fighting the Pahlavi Regime.

Radio Baqdad: shipping company employees avoided an American ship to load in Chabahar. They said that since it has carried munitions, it must anchor in Ra’sol Kheimeh.

In Objection to people massacre by regime agents, Tehran banks closed for a week.

Radio Baqdad:Iran loses $80,000,000 everyday for different strikes held in cities.

Bahman 9th 1357 /January 29th 1979

The airports reopened.

In a message to newspapers, Imam encouraged them to continue their fight till reaching Islamic Republic.

A part of that message is: “Dear nation, my dear friends, don’t pay attention to void promises of illegal government nor be afraid of the enemy and continue this sacred movement to the end.

Pars Press: A group of 200 people containing market merchants, clergymen, and educated men ofTehran are responsible for performing Imam’s orders. This group which is placed in Alavi School in Tehran has a group of disciplinary service including 200 people who work honorary.

Bakhtiar refusing Imam’s stipulation for accepting him said: I won’t resign, I won’t travel toParis.

Tehran people defended themselves against the army by entrenching and throwing stones.

Shah criticized Carter and his near relatives for not supporting him.

Bahman 10th 1357 /January 30th 1979

In spite of Bakhtiar’s order for opening the airports, their condition hasn’t been become normal yet. Bakhtiar said: Ayatollah Khomeini is free to return anytime but his security guarantee is on his enthusiasts.

The clergymen, who’d taken refugee in University of Tehran, condemned attacking Lotfi, the senior officer of gendarmerie and told that conspirators want to depart people and army and make the condition convulsive before Imam’s arrival.

By joining another group of clergymen to those who were in University, they became 2000 including Hojjat-ol-Islam Seyyed Abdol Hossin Datqeib.

Strikes committee asked people not to burn buses.


Bahman 11th 1357 /January 31st 1979

Newspapers announced that Imam will arrive to Iran at 9:00 a.m. the next day.

TheWelcome Committee”announced its program for welcoming Imam Khomeini. According to the newspapers 50,000 people have been prepared for talking care of Imam.

The purchase of weapons from America by Iran decreased.

Libya government claimed supportingIran’s revolution.

In a message to army Ayatollah Taleqani prevented them from shooting undefended people.

A group of Lebanese Shia’s represented their countries. They announced supporting Iranians.

Ardeshir Zahedi accompanied by some of Shah’s friends and relatives have plotted for hijacking Imam’s airplane in order to make him surrender and take Shah back to Iran; but they failed to some reasons.

Bahman 12th 1357 /February 1st 1979

After years of exile, Imam Khomeini returned Iran. The country noticed the greatest historical welcoming to a man. Millions of people, standing in a line from airport to Behest-e-Zahra (Tehran’s main graveyard where during the years of revolution many of killed people by Pahlavi regime were buried there in Martyrs part), showed their Passion to their leader.

LeavingFrance, Imam Khomeini in a message thanked and bid a farewell to French people.

In a speech in the airport, Imam told: “I thank for the sentiments of all the groups if people, these sentiments are heavy responsibilities hard to compensate”.

In addition to considering rejection of Shah as the first step toward victory, invited everyone to uniting and continuing their fight till complete vanishing of corruption, then he left there for Behest-e-Zahra.

Imam in his first great speech among a large number of his enthusiasts told: when I see those who have list their children, I feel a great responsibility; Mohammad Reza Pahlavi fled and dissipated our country, ruined the country and cultivated the graveyards. He added: I determine a government, I hit to the mouth of this government … I determine a government by supporting of people.

Since Imam’s dispatched Najaf to Paris, the number of his speeches, interviews and messages in this short period (18 days residence inNoeffle LeShateu), is considerable. Even in some days he answered the questions of several news presses.

This great collection contains:

Speeches        59

Interview        108  

Messages       36

Letters, telegraphs and decrees      6

Total    209

·        While Imam’s arrival was broadcasted lively on television, the military forces attacked there and avoided showing Imam’s speech.

·        On the first night of his residence in Refah, Imam Khomeini encouraged the Welcome Committee to preserve their uniting.

·        The clergymen took refugee in university, announced their last declaration, put an end to their demonstration.

·        Swiss banks avoided givingIran’s investments back.

·        RadioKuwait: Energy Minister of America declared that by the continuance of exportingIran’s oil to America, his country has to ration oil. The conditions inIran caused the oil crisis more severe since 1352, oil prohibition by Arabian countries.

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