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  • 1/5/2005

Majid Entezami has started the “Devotion Symphony”

The recording session of the “Devotion Symphony” by Majid Entezami has started on January 2th in the “POP” studio in Tehran. Entezami said this symphony will be prepared in 4 parts in approximately 60 minutes. The production process has been started since 5 months ago and will end in the next week.

This symphony will be available in the market on February .He added in this symphony the main focus was on the youth generation and most of the crew are also young musicians. Entezami mentioned this symphony is too emotional and though it can be recognize all around the world by the listeners and it is not limited to Iranian culture or else. The conductor said we are going to use Drums, DAF and guitar with the vocal and also Tehran’s symphonic choir orchestra accompany us in recording sessions.

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