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Hamdard University


The emergence of Hamdard University on the educational scene ofPakistan is a relatively recent phenomenon but the progress it has made so far is phenomenal. The University, however, does not want to rest on its achievements and is looking ahead for further expansion to be at par with renowned universities.

In addition to the facilities available for higher learning at the main campus, the University maintains various institutions in downtown Karachi. These include Hamdard School of Law, Hamdard Education Net, Regional Cisco Networking Academy, Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences, Usman Institute of Technology and Hamdard Institute of Information Technology. Hamdard Univeristy’s sphere of activity in education science and technology is well extended in major cities of the country. TheIslamabad campus offers teaching in pharmaceutical sciences, management sciences and information technology. TheFaisalabad campus offers programs in Management Sciences, Information Technology and Engineering.

The resources of the University devoted to the fulfillment of the mission, aimed at turning out value-oriented professionals and scholars, capable of creating new horizons on the glorious foundations of oriental heritage of knowledge. The University provides an academic and enabling environment, which is founded on the old philosophical belief that the ultimate reality can be reached through pure reason and intellectual pursuits. It is an endeavor to enliven the academic tradition of the educational institutions of the golden era of Muslim civilization and therefore an attempt at achieving glories through imbibing the present day rising curve of knowledge.

The Hamdard Institute of Education & Social Sciences (HIESS) and Hamdard Al-Majeed College of Eastern Medicine (HACEM) were among the earliest institutions, established at the inception of university. The other institutions that appeared in the later stages include Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry (HCM&D), Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS), Hamdard Institute of Information Technology (HIIT), Hafiz Mohammad Ilyas Institute of Pharmacology & Herbal Sciences, Hamdard School of Law (HSL), Hamdard Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (HIPS), Hamdard Institute of Advanced Studies and Research, Hamdard Education Net and Regional Cisco Networking Academy. In addition to this process of institutional multiplication, which is continuously going on, the growth of the University, in terms of the extension of its services to public, has been regular.

The history of the academic programs, offered during the period by the constituent institutions, presents a brilliant picture of regular growth and extension. The University, starting its journey with a couple of programs in 1992, is now offering almost 50 programs ranging from certificate courses to post graduate studies, in the disciplines of education, legal studies, eastern medicine, health sciences, pharmacy, management, engineering and information technology.

During the period, five organizations based in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Karachi, imparting professional education in different disciplines, also got affiliated with the university.

Programs and Courses

Hamdard University offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degree programs, under various faculties in various disciplines of education, legal studies medicine, eastern medicine, pharmacy, management, information technology and computer sciences. These degrees are recognized and honored both by the national and foreign educational and commercial organizations and are regarded as authentic testimonials of the holders' knowledge and professional skills. Certificate courses and diploma are also offered in certain disciplines including computer and management sciences.


At Hamdard University the systems applied in the organization of libraries make access to information quick and simple. Supplied with the latest books, periodicals, magazines and journals, the departmental/seminar libraries at different institutes and colleges provide the students with a comprehensive collection of books in the particular areas of studies. The Bait al-Hikmah library is a grand collection of 0.5 million books, including valuable manuscripts, collected by the founder from all over the world. The library, housed in an imposing edifice at the main campus, extends over an area of 2000 sq. yards. and is amongst the biggest libraries of Pakistan, provided with a scholar’s house for the residence of research scholars.

Computer Facilities

The elaborate computer facilities at the main and other campuses of the University offer extensive usage hours and state-of-the-art hardware and variety of software to make computing real learning experience. The facilities comprise networked PCs linked to a wide range of software, communication and print services. The open access policy to the Internet at every campus is a part of an extensive, “Broadband” information network connecting faculties and campuses. All campuses have their own server rooms with intranet and Internet facilities.

Audio/Visual Facilities

The aim being to make the teaching-learning process effective and better, the courses atHamdard University are designed to be conducted with the aid of the latest audio-visual facilities, including over-head projectors, video films, multimedia, software programs and models etc. which are provided as a necessary part in the beautifully designed classrooms and laboratories.


Institute of Education and Social Sciences (HIESS)

Established in 1992, Hamdard Institute of Education and Social Sciences has the privilege to be the first constituent Institute of the University.

The Institute, in addition to gaining the desirable reputation of exceptional teachers training institution inPakistan, has established itself as an authentic organization, producing research scholars in the fields of social sciences and education. The volume of research papers, which have been so far produced by the students of the Institute in the short time since its inception amounts to more than 500. Students from all over the country get enrolled in the various programs, which have all the characteristics to be called ‘unique’ due to their extraordinary emphasis on character building, original reflection and creativity.

The novelty of the Institute also lies in its egalitarian and humanistic orientations. Knowledge being upheld as the highest value, the Institute has made a conscious effort to break, what could be called the distracting social prejudices, by setting on a lasting foundation, a tradition that defies all the discrimination on the basis of wealth, gender, language, age, religion, nation and ethnic group. The classes at HIESS present a curious combination of people, differing widely in their age groups, social class, linguistic affiliation, religious background etc. but getting the same opportunities and rights. HIESS is an emblem of hope for many as it has opened for them new avenues to a successful, dignified and better life not only through its liberal structure but its unusual programs. For instance its week-end program is the first of its kind to provide the in-service teachers a vital opportunity to develop both their personalities and future.

E-mail: hiess@hamdard.edu.pk

Management Sciences (HIMS)

Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS) provides a broad-based, cross-functional business education required to meet the future needs of business in an expanding economy. The aim of the Institute is to provide high quality education which responds to the ever-changing needs of business and community.

HIMS, like the entire campus at Madinat al-Hikmah, lies in a pollution free environment away from the city, laced with gardens and orchards providing for oxygen-rich and dust-free air enabling students to inhale the best for both their mental and physical well being. It is housed in Naemat Hall which was conceived as an integral component of the larger master plan of Hamdard University. The overall theme of the complex draws inspiration from the rich architectural heritage of Islamic tradition and was conceived as a modern building with a centralized open space for social interaction. The overall architectural plan is climatically responsive, with simplicity as the prime consideration that blends with the subtle tradition of both regional and cultural craftsmanship. The vision of the complex is a culmination of the past merged with the present and the future.

E-mail: hims@hamdard.edu.pk

Medicine and Dentistry (HCMD)

Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry will train students for the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B., B.S) and Bachelor of Dentistry (B.D.S) to be awarded by theHamdard University. These degrees will be awarded to candidates who successfully complete all requirements set out in the regulations/rules specified by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

The Program of studies for the award of M.B., B.S. degree has been so designed as to produce knowledgeable, motivated and hard working graduates, with special emphasis on community orientation, especially rural communities.

The purpose is to equip the graduates with enough theoretical knowledge, psychomotor skills and clinical understanding so that they can be compared with the best available in field.

The general educational objectives are the same as laid down by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.

Al-Majeed College of Eastern Medicine (HACEM)

Hamdard Al-Majeed College of Eastern Medicine (HACEM) is the only institute of eastern medicine in the country awarding the degree of Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery (B.E.M.S. Unani). The College, supported by the research program of Dr. HMI Institute of Pharmacology and Herbal Medicine, has recently Shifa-ul-Mulk Memorialhospital of Eastern Medicine for the clinical training of the students. The 50 -bed hospital works round the clock and provides free of charge medical services to all the patients.

E-mail: hacem@hamdard.edu.pk

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy was established in the year 1997, following the guidelines of the Founder Chancellor ofHamdard University, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, to provide exemplary academic environment to Pakistani youth interested in the art of apothecary thus preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. The aim of the Faculty is to provide high quality education in healthy academic environment with a commitment to produce competent pharmacists with managerial skills.

Over the years, the faculty has gone a long way in advancing its teaching and research pursuits in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In its early phase 1997-2001, the faculty developed Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) Programs in collaboration with Dr. HMI Institute of Pharmacology and Herbal Sciences. To date several Ph.D. and M.Phil degrees have been awarded and these findings have been published in national and international research journals.
In 2001 the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hamdard University, introduced an innovative B. Pharm, MBA program combining Pharmaceutical and Management Sciences for the first time inPakistan. This program reflects indigenous thinking ofHamdard University in .curriculum development.It has the support of two major faculties of the University, namely Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Management Sciences and is being run very successfully.

Keeping in view the changing global trends and recent advances in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan and Higher Education Commission have upgraded the pharmacy syllabi and introduced an advanced program of Pharm. D. extending over a period of five years. It is a professional doctoral program that is designed to prepare practitioner and researcher who can provide patient oriented pharmaceutical care in contemporary setting including community practice and hospital environment.
In the light of the recommendation of Pharmacy Council of Pakistan and Higher Education Commission, the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hamdard University, has adopted Pharm. D. as the basic degree in Pharmacy. The students will also be given the option to join MBA program if they are desirous to improve their skills in the fields of marketing and management. Those who opt for MBA will have to study for one more year exclusively the courses of Business Administration to earn the second degree i.e. MBA.

E-mail: hmi@hamdard.edu.pk

Institute of Information Technology (HIIT)

Hamdard Institute of Information Technology was established in 1997. Initially it offered graduate programmes only.HIIT City Campus is especially geared towards Graduate studies and is also catering the needs of professionals through short courses, certificates and diploma programs.

Over the past four years HIIT has come out of its infancy and is now playing a leading role in imparting quality technology education and training. With its purpose built seventy thousand plus square feet of space, modern and well equipped laboratories, spacious classrooms and one of the best IT aware faculty in engineering and technology, HIIT ensures an educational experience of the highest quality. Presently, HIIT is offering four undergraduate degree programs namely;

BS(CS): Bachelor of Science in Computer Science,
BS(SD): Bachelor of Science in Software Development,
BCS-BS(MIS): Bachelor of Computer Science leading to
Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

These programs stand out in terms of contents, delivery and above all relevance to our own needs. We have a strong belief and commitment to begin innovative programs in future. We want to be the trend settlers.
HIIT also offers two graduate degree programs at its City campus. These programs are:

MS (IT): Master of Science in Information Technology.
MS (SE): Master of Science in Software Engineering.

E-mail: hiit@hamdard.edu.pk

GraduateSchool of Engineering Sciences and Information Technology (GSESIT)

GSESIT was established in 1997 under the name Hamdard Institute of Information Technology (HIIT). Later on, due to its main focus on graduate programs, it was renamed as Graduate School of Engineering Sciences and Information Technology. It is especially geared toward graduate studies and is also catering to the needs of professionals through short courses, certificates and diploma programs.

Initially, Master of Science in Information Technology – MS (IT) was offered since inception of the Institute. In fall 2002, Master of Science in Software Engineering – MS (SE) program was introduced. Over the past seven years, GSESIT has come out of its infancy and now is playing a leading role in imparting quality technical education and training, following its objectives, new Masters, M.Phil. and Ph.D. degree programs are recently offered to take active part in research and development and to concentrate toward the area of specialization.

All the programs stand out in terms of contents, delivery and above all relevance to our own needs. GSESIT is offering the following graduate and research programs:

MS (ES): Master of Science in Environmental Sciences

MS (IT): Master of Science in Information Technology

MS (MMIS): Master of Science in Management of Manufacturing and Information Systems

MS (MSE): Master of Science in Multimedia Systems Engineering

MS (SE): Master of Science in Software Engineering

MS (TCE): Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering

M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering and Information Technology

M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences

M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Material Engineering

M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Telecommunication Engineering

Usman Institute of Technology

Along the left side of the university road, beside NED andKarachi universities, the grant building of the institute offers an awe-inspiring sight. As an institute accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council, UIT gives an opportunity of high quality education in the different disciplines of Engineering and computer science with its morning and evening Programs. Sophisticated labs, modern classrooms, up-to-date libraries and a highly qualified faculty combine to make the institute one of the best among the private institutions.

Address: ST-13, Block 7,

Abul Hasan Isphahani Road, Opp. Safari Park,

Gulshan-e-Iqbal,Karachi 75300 (Pakistan)

Phone: (021) 4978274-5, 4982464-76

Email: registrar@uit.edu
Website: http://www.uit.edu

School of Law (HSL)

At the time of creation of Pakistan in 1947, there were hardly three or four law colleges in the country. Gradually the number grew appreciably but the standard of education has deteriorated. In the absence of a full-time faculty and full-time educational and research facility, the law schools lack quality of education as there is no system of tutorials, class discussions, assignments and no research and personalized attention.

A centre of excellence for law requires full-time courses based on semester system, a committed faculty, a good library, individualized attention with supervision, a curriculum which keeps pace with the development of law in various fields at the national and international level and the required atmosphere of a teaching and research institution.

Realizing the urgent need for a centre of excellence for law, Hamdard University, on the initiative of its Chancellor, Justice (R) Ajmal Mian, former Chief Justice of Pakistan, and the Vice Chancellor, decided to establish a full-time school of law at Karachi with a commitment to excellence in both teaching and research. The Hamdard School of Law, an integral part of theHamdard University, opened for admission in January, 2001.

TheLawSchool provides legal studies graduate course culminating in the LL.B. Law degree. Unlike other institutions offering the LL.B. course in evening lecture sessions, the Hamdard School of Law is the exceptional Pakistani institution offering a full-time semester based course.

E-mail: hsl@hamdard.edu.pk

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