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  • 12/29/2004

Uniting Day of University and Seminary in Iran

(27 Azar 1358 /18 December 1979)

History indicates that our national has been always desired and wanted the truth. Iranian were the first nation accepted Islam eagerly. After the Prophet passed away, our nation was descendant followers of Imam Ali.

One of the historical events that shows unity of clergymen and nationwas"Tobacco movement"and constitutional revolution are signs of. This movement had been decreed by clergyman Mirza Shirazi. It banned colonialists from stealing country's national reserves and wealth. They noticed Clergymen's importance for people and tried to discord among clergymen and people. They reformed colonialism and appointed Reza Khan Mirpanj Pahlavi.

Mirza Shirazi

Reza Khan was ordered to exterminate religion such as Atatork. He decided to keep clergymen away from politics and society. On the other hand he destroyed religious rituals. For attaining his goal he oppressed clergymen, religious societies, women's veils, poets and writers. He extended Europian universities and schools. He made country dependent on foreigners in all fields. His newly come culture and civilization was intensified during his son's reign. Pahlavy the second, tried to take clergymen and religious programs in isolation. He had insisted on a westernized country and made La'eek educational and cultural institution especially at university.

Reza Khan Mirpanj Pahlavi

So it led into a cultural and opinionative space between clergymen and students. But soon after the Islamic revolution, by the effort of devoted geniuses of Seminary and university, real traditions and values in Islam were rise again and educated people especially youths intended to religion more then before. The victory of Iran is gained with forerunning students and clergymen with company of Imam Khomeini.

The first signs of political and society problems appear at university and seminary. The climax of Islamic revolution has been at the universities and seminaries or has made by students or clergymen. They have important role for guidance of society. So they should be a permanent and strategic united between them.

This unity must be well-rounded. It is important that they reciprocate new culture and idea. Unity means to act and place at the same direction. Whenever we image students and clergymen are opponents of each other we don't gain unity. Genioun unity came about when they reach at same way. The Uniting Day of university and seminary is one of the valuable remembrances of Imam Khomeini. It was effective to move society at the correct way, such as all of the important decides.

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