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  • 12/29/2004

Iran's research Day

(25 Azar / 16 December)

Some had defined research as reaching the truth. Within a look at Iranian scholars' old compilations and books shows that they had made all their efforts to reach the truth. The very years of studying, experiencing, sometimes challenging with opponents, using the facilities in Kings' Boards and even hiding their believes for the sake of science, all and all were for discovering new scientific matters. They happened to spend their lives totally for recognizing and proving a theory. Therefore their various compilations included imbalances and even paradoxes during their scientific life. They had proved a theory most of the times and had opened a door to the endless world of science.

The scientists had never forgotten their own scientific pavilion and the love to discovery. Their lives were full of studying and research.

Therefore it was necessary to appreciate all the old and contemporary researchers.

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