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Formation of Literacy Movement by Imam's command

(7 Day 1358/ 28 December 1979)

The almighty God has created human and deposited wisdom in him for thinking to discern right and false, good and evil, foul and fair and detect his way through life and simultaneously be immunized from blunder and ignorance and nescience disadvantages and slavery disturbances. This aim has been not feasible except by wisdom education. So, Islam introduces science position as lofty. Impeccability and integrity of human personality is based on his insight and knowledge, because mankind owing to this perspicacity can array himself among heavenly angels and be prepared for arriving at majestic heavenly position. A scientist not only acquires lofty ranks but also prospers Lord's and people's thanks on the world.

The Holy Koran was descended when human societies were formed with illiterate groups that depended on monks and myths and teaching of ancient legends and human beings were slaves of concupiscence. Koran descending starts with science and writing. The first sent surah to the Prophet cites learning the science. [……..]

From the very beginning, Islam campaigned against illiteracy and used all circumstances to fight with this evil phenomenon. The Prophet ordered some literate Meccan prisoners who were captured in Badr war, to teach language to 10 Muslim of Medina and then would be free. It doesn't take long that the number of literate people increased in Islamic territory, because Islam was based on promoting the status of knowledge and science. And God states in Holy Koran that: […..]

And also Prophet States: "Obtaining science is incumbent for all Muslim. Islam has settled education as one of the primitive necessities of life."

The Prophet encouraged people to get into scientific discussions, although the Muslim has to cover the long distance in this way and spends most of his lifetime.[…….]

This state of the Holy Prophet means that Muslims must make the most of all times and places and use all conditions to gain science. The Muslims' great achievements in scientific fields are due to Islam's praise of science and scientists above all. [……..]

The short history of literacy campaign in Iran:

In Iran, past governors just always thought about their own advantages, for that reason illiteracy increased for their lack of attention and literacy was specifically for the special caste in society. In past regime, in spite of broad propagandizing for literacy campaign, actually no important action was taken to eradicate this awkward phenomenon. When Islamic Republic overcame a large number of men and women in this country were deprived of the blessing of literacy and it needs a national will power that took place following Imam's command and on 7th, Day 1358, Literacy Movement established.

Imam's message on Literacy Movement formation

Noble Iranians, as you know in the past regime, in addition to dictatorship and cruelty, nonsense propaganda had shadowed heroic people ofIran. The people who were deprived of bare necessities, but a utopia was pretended. Of the most essential necessities for all people, maybe more important than hygiene and home, is education. Unfortunately our people were deprived of this great blessing in the past regime and most of our people can't read and write, let alone higher education.

It is of disgrace that a country which have been the cradle of science and lives under the aegis of Islam which has incubated education, deprived of literacy, in long term program, we must change our dependent culture into an independent one and now without wasting time and boring formalities, make our efforts to eradicate illiteracy.

For this, it is an obligation for all illiterate people for learning and all literate people for teaching to embark, and so Ministry of Education embarks with all equipment and avoids official formalities.

Brothers and sisters mobilize to eradicate this painful flaw. Teaching and Learning is devotion that Lord has invited us to it. The chief clergy invite literate people in counties and villages and in mosques to teach reading and writing to others, and never wait for government measures. I hope our dear people can change Iran into a school and spend some hours on this respectable act all the day and night. Rise and Lord support you. I solicit Lord, health, welfare and comfort of my honorable people. (7th Dey 1358)   

Literacy Movement Measures:

By mullah Qaraaty's and his friends' hard working, Literacy Movement was working regularly after its establishment and up to now a multitude of illiterates take the advantage of education. According to statistics in 1375, near to 20% of population (More than 10 millions) are still illiterate, most of whom are adults. Regarding the fact that adult's education is one the most complicated types of education, anonymous soldiers of literacy take all-out efforts on this important action and in spite of all difficulties, they have done an important task through patience and hard work. The following is a summery of some literacy achievements:

In 1355 only 47.5% of 6-year plus population of country were literate.

In 1375 with Literacy Movement efforts 79.5% of 6-year plus population were literate.

Difference in rate of literacy between men and women decreased from 23.4% in 1355, to 9.5% in 1375.

The literacy ratio of urban areas increased from 65.4% in 1355, to 86% in 1375. At the same time, the literacy ratio of rural areas reached from 30.5% to 70.7%.

From 1365 to 1375, more than 1 million children in first to fifth degrees in deprived areas and in more than 7 thousand villages were under the Literacy Movement's protection.  

The 12-year statistics of prisoners, armed forces and laborers of state and privative centers show that more than 38847 classes in military and disciplinary centers and 7476 classes in prisons and 42936 classes in state and private centers have been held.

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