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University of Uzbekistan



At the end of XIX century there was an idea to organize a University inTurkestan, a motherland of the great scholars. This idea was written on the pages of the newspapers and journals such as "Tarjimon", "Oina" etc. This idea was given also in the regulations of the society of jadids "Turon". The freedom loving national enlighteners approved the idea of the organiza-tion of modern university and formed a special council. The council compiled the system of academics, the programmes and faculties of the future university.

On May 12, 1918 the great enlightener Munavvarqori Abdurashidhonov (1878-1931) as a rector declared the official opening of the national university in the old city side of Tashkent. He underlined that the university would contribute to know better the Motherland and nation, can serve as the means for studying science and technology by nation. The national university had lower, middle and higher education forms and the higher level had five faculties: literature and philosophy, economics and social sciences, agriculture and biology, medicine and mathematics, industry and techniques. A number of prominent statesmen, men of science, as well as outstanding representatives of cultural alignment from Uzbekistan and neighboring countries are closely connected with the university.

In 1921 the university had the faculties of medicine, physics and mathematics, social worker, history and philology, engineering, agriculture and military training. During 1927 - 1931 on the bases of the faculties 120 educational establishments were organized. These are the institutes of medicine, agriculture, national economy, polytechnics, and the higher educational establishments.

In 1943 the Academy of Science was established. 1000 years later after the foundation of theMamunAcademy, the oldest academy in the world, a new academy has been established inTurkistan. 6 from 11 academicians and 7 corresponding members worked at theNational University, the rest of them had also contacts at the University. During the 1940-1950 years the scholars of the University began to apply their scientific potential to solve the practical problems of the life.

The world on protection of drugs, dizel, fuel, steel, metal, different solutions, raw materials for defense industry, construction of metallurgical plant in Bekabad, organization of korakul furs breeding farms, increasing the productivity of agricultural plants, development of climate studies, registration of powerful quick silver appliances have been made at the University nowadays this tradition which began in 70-80 in still going on. There are 48 specialized research groups working on economic agreements at the University.

Beginning from September 1, 1991 there began a new period of great changes in our country and also at the University. The University solved a number of scientific - theoretical problems independently. The University has established good relations with a number of foreign academic establishments. At present it signed agreements with 17 universities ofUSA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and other developed countries and exchanging aca-demics and scientific discoveries influence to rich world standards in academics and to develop science and technology. Before gaining independence in our country it was a great event to visit abroad by every teacher. And now it is a simple exchanging of ideas.


        National University of Uzbekistan invites applications for its undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses.

National University of Uzbekistan is the oldest University in Uzbekistan that has over a century of experience in teaching and research field. It has been recognized as the most influential institution in academic, scientific and political life of the region.

It has gathered devoted, highly educated and experienced professional staff who are also prominent statesmen, scientists, as well as outstanding representatives of cultural enlightenment of Central Asian countries. At the same time, in order to produce highly competent graduates and to meet latest requirements of business and industry, world’s best experiences as well up-to-date and innovative lecturing, research techniques and tools are incorporated into a teaching process.

The University offers the various courses for home as well as international applicants in the following fields:

Math, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, geology, Uzbek and foreign philology, language, history and archaeology, journalism, economics, philosophy, law, information technologies and computer sciences.

Cost of education: $2000-$3000 /year (includes living in Tashkent)

GET Application form here. Download, fill and send to info@nuu.uz


Faculties and Departments

NationalUniversity of Uzbekistan has 15 faculties. All fields of science and culture studies are covered by our faculties. Here is the list of faculties and departments...

Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of Languages

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Philosophy

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Journalism

Faculty of History

Faculty of Foreign Philology

Faculty of Uzbek Philology

Faculty of Geology

Faculty of Geography

Faculty of Biology

Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Math

Libraries & Computers

The National University of Uzbekistan provides comprehensive library, computer, and technology access and services to students, faculty, staff, and the citizens of theUzbekistan. Leveraging these resources to facilitate teaching, research, and public engagement is at the core of these investments.

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