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John Abercrombie

john john abercrombie


(born October 10, 1780 in Aberdeen; died ‎November 14, 1844 in Edinburgh)

John Abercrombie was a Scottish physician and ‎philosopher. The son of the reverend George Abercrombie of‎Aberdeen, he was educated at the University of Edinburgh, and‎ after graduating as M.D. in 1803 he settled down to practice in that‎city, where he soon attained a leading position. From 1816 he‎published various papers in the Edinburgh Medical and Surgical‎ Journal, which formed the basis of his Pathological and Practical ‎Researches on Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord, and of his ‎Researches on the Diseases of the Intestinal Canal, Liver and other‎Viscera of the Abdomen, both published in 1828. He also found time ‎for philosophical speculations, and in 1830 he published his ‎Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers of Man and the ‎Investigation of Truth, which was followed in 1833 by a sequel, The‎ Philosophy of the Moral Feelings. Both works, though showing little‎originality of thought, achieved wide popularity.

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