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Hassan al Banna

(October 14, 1906 - February 12, 1949)

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Hassan al Banna was an Egyptian Islamist best known for founding the Muslim‎Brotherhood.

He was born to a father who was a graduate of the al-Azhar Theological Seminary, a top‎Muslim seminary.

He was admitted into Cairo University at the age of 16, because of his wealth in islamic‎knowledge. Banna memorized the entire Qur'an at a young age.

He wrote the book Letter to a Muslim Student describing the fundamentals of the new‎Muslim Brotherhood, known in Arabic as al-Ikhwan.

Al-Bannah's followers were among the first Egyptians to enter Palestine following the‎partition ofMay 14, 1948. They met disaster, and hundreds were killed attempting to‎destroy well fortified Israeli villages in theGaza area.

On the 12th of February 1949, Hassan al-Banna was shot dead by an assassin inCairo. It ‎is not known who killed him, or why, though there are numerous theories, perhaps by a‎Muslim Brother disaffected by the failure of the war against the Jews.

His last daughter was born on the day he was killed, and her mother named her‎‎"Isteshhad", Arabic for "martyrdom".‎

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