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See Johnny Read

by: Tracey Wood
Subject(s): Children;Family & Relationships

“A compelling text you will refer to over and over again.”—Jane Browning, Executive Director, Learning Disabilities Association ofAmerica

“An excellent guide for parents... replete with concrete examples and information.” —Dr. James Garbarino, author of Lost Boys and Parents under Siege Of the estimated 10 million U.S. students who struggle with learning to read, the vast majority are boys. Research shows that if these children do not “close the gap” before they finish third grade, they are likely to remain functionally illiterate throughout their lives. See Johnny Read! Is the first book to offer practical, proven, and timely ways for parents to help their boys with this critical skill?

Written by an expert teacher and educational consultant, this much-needed book answers essential questions, including:

When does a reading delay become a reading problem?

How, when, and where should I look for tutoring?

How can I get the best help from the school?

How can my son avoid (or overcome) the “Bad Boy” label?

How can I help my son learn to read—and enjoy reading—at home?

Tracey Wood, M.Ed. is a popular speaker on learning disabilities in theUnited States, England, and Australia. She runs a special education consultancy inCalifornia.

501 Ways to Boost Your Child's Success in School

Robert Ramsey


VGM Career Books Subject:Family & Relationships

'Doing well in school requires more than good study habits and hard work. In501 Ways to Boost Your Child's Success in School, experienced educator Robert Ramsey tells parents what pushes teachers' "hot buttons" and offers lively, school-tested suggestions to help children excel. From making the most of parent-teacher conferences, to meeting the staff, to calling the teacher when special concerns arise, this book offers real-world strategies that empower parents.
This engaging and practical book provides extremely lively, down-to-earth, and easy-to-understand advice that can be put to use immediately. Included are unusual topics such as school politics, relationships, getting noticed, and forming constructive partnerships with teachers.

Robert D. Ramsey, Ed.D., is a lifelong educator and author who has worked in three award-winning school districts as a teacher, counselor, curriculum director, and associate superintendent.

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