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The International Turkmen Turkish University


The International Turkmen Turkish University, one of the youngest higher educational institutions of the Independent Turkmenistan, was established following the Presidential Decree on August 27, 1994. The University comprises 3 faculties (The Faculty of Education, The Faculty of Economics, and The Faculty of Engineering), embracing 11 departments:
International Relations, Economics, Management, Banking and Finance, English Language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature, Mathematics, History, Translation, Textile Engineering and Computer Engineering.
Highly qualified teaching staffs do their best to meet updated requirements for quality education.4 languages (Turkmen, Turkish, English, and Russian) are taught in ITTU. English, Turkish, and Turkmen are media of instruction. Proficiency tests are given for placement. If students succeed, they are exempt from the prep class, qualifying for the first year; if they don't, they attend the prep class. The main purpose of the Preparatory School is developing fluent speaking and comprehension skills in the languages of instructions updated teaching facilities:Computer Center, Self-Access Room, the Internet Service, and Library with Computer Services.


Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences
Department of Economics
Department of International Relations
Department of Management
Department of Banking and Finance

Faculty of Education
English Language and Literature
Turkish Language and Literature
Department of Mathematics
Department of History
Translation Department

Engineering Faculty
Computer Engineering
Textile Engineering

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