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  • 9/6/2004
Shearer Cools Magpies Talk


Freddy Shepherd -Alan ShearerAlan Shearer has ruled himself out of the running to replace Sir Bobby Robson as manager of Newcastle United.

The 34-year-old Mapgies captain has been linked with the post since Robson departed earlier this week, but has revealed he feels he is too young to lead the Barclays Premiership club.

“I went to see the chairman and simply told him I was too young and did not want to take on the manager’s position,” Shearer told The Sun.

“This is a huge club and a huge job and I do not think I am ready for it. I decided to grasp the nettle before things got out of control.

“Yes I want to be a manager one day. If it was atNewcastle in the future then that would be great. But I believe that is a long way off, if indeed it ever happens.

“I think it is important I make this all public so rumours do not grow any greater about what I will or will not do.

“It is flattering and humbling even to be linked with such a big job but right now it simply is not for me.

“This is my final season and a big one for me and I just want to concentrate on playing and doing my best for Newcastle United.

“Then I have my BBC TV work and I want to take the rest of my coaching badges — but management is some way off yet.”

Meanwhile, Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd has denied having talks with Terry Venables over the vacant manager’s position.

Shepherd told The Guardian: “Terry Venables has not been here. I have not spoken to Terry Venables. I can't remember the last time I saw him."

Shepherd has admitted he faces a “legal minefield” as he searches for a suitable candidate.

“I know the fans are impatient and I’m as impatient as they are,” he said. “But I’ve got to do what is best for Newcastle, not what is best for my popularity.

“We don’t want any knee-jerk reaction and we cannot rush into anything. We’re trying to do things correctly and professionally.

“There’s a legal minefield out there and we have to observe all the rules of the Premiership.

“We’re talking to everyone we are legally entitled to and those who we feel merit our consideration.

“What we must not forget is that it is the future of Newcastle United which is at stake here and the most important thing is to get the right man.”

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